The Real Difference 3 Years Can Make

So the debate on whether the drinking age should be lowered or not continues…

I gotta tell ya, I cant think of many worse ideas than to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18.

While i completely understand the ideology of those who would support something like this, I also feel like they arent viewing all the potential repurcussions that would come along with this.

See, what no one fails to realize is, lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18 not only lowers the legal age one can buy and partake in drinking alcohol legally, but it also lowers the age about 3 years that one can partake in drinking alcohol and it doesnt seem thattt scummy.

To add a visual…do you want to catch 7th and 8th graders guzzling Heinekens or downing shots of Jameson???

Or better yet, would you want to have your favorite bar infested with High Schoolers?

Part of this is hating, and I am fully aware of that… I had to pay my dues to get wasted in public and buy my first bottle…why do you get a 3 yr pass???

Pay your dues youngin!!

Now i do feel like if you are in the military, and you are 18, then yes you should be allowed to drink, because god damn talk about stress…but thats an isolated incident.

So let thoooooose brave young men and women who are crazy enough to go to Iraq or Afghanistan be allowed to drink. Let their military card override their general ID, but that seems like an accident waiting to happened to give that priviledge to every dumb fuck high school senior in the states lobbying for this.

After re-reading this, i kinnnnda want it to get lowered just to see how far these little motherfuckers take it, cause I know if they did this shit when i was 18? Yours truly would have had a fucking field day…

Probably would have died by 20…

Fuck it, let the debate continue!


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