When to quit…

There are definitely signs that its time to get a new job..

I thought I’d share some…

1. The mere sound of your bosses voice makes you cringe the way your mother calling you for dinner or asking you to help her do something once did…yes that annoying…

2. You lose documents your co-workers or boss give you on purpose just so they have to print it out or gather it together for you again…then as you wait for them to do it you whisper to yourself, “Thats right, do it bitch…”

3. You start planning your “grand exit” – you know the big monologue you have built up for months in your head where you air out the whole office and drop the bombshell to the vice president – “Yeah bitch, and your husband is gay!!!

4. You secretly hope for little bad shit to happen to your boss like “ooh i hope this motherfucker fucking bitch gets a ticket, then gets food poisoning at lunch, then dies…”

5. You start scanning the office for shit to steal and/or harm…like”if shit hits the fan..im takin this monitor…breakin my phone…peeing on the server…and im out!!!!”

Now these are just a few, let me know if I’ve left any out…



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