A Quick Look Inside Yahoo! Answers

Are any of you familiar with Yahoo! Answers?


Scary shit

Here, I’ll give you the link:


Now since your there, lets browse around:

Pregnancy & Parenting – Alright, take a look at some of the questions these sick fucks ask, but please note…these people are coming on the internet for this advice…the internet? Not a best friend or doctor but http://www.someshit.com…way to make mom proud…lets see how it all plays out…

“What do I do? Im prego and I have a stinky brown discharge that wont go away!?” – Yea thats defffinitely not something you want to be sharing with the rest of the world…especially the stinky part…

“My baby’s penis is red around the pee hole and the head is purple?” – Ok thats not even a question!!! Thats a statement…and wtf? Your baby has syphilis-like symptons so you sit there and write that shit out on the yahoo you silly son a bitch!!! You need to take the Itchy and Scratchy show to a pediatrician ASAP…

“This might sound stupid but when you ovulate do you be in the mood for sex more than usual i’m just curious?” – This might sound stupid huh? Hmm…I think this one may speak for itself

Family & Relationships – This section gets quite scary as well…Take a look…

“I cheated on my wife with her mother?” – Whoa thats deep…I am going to go out on a limb here and put a lot of blame on the mom with this one….Of course the sad sack of shit husband is definitely a scumbag but really mom? Really?

“Why did he tell all his friends….?” – This is a classic. So your mad he told all his friends whatever it is he told, but you go on the internet and tell EVERYONE, including all his friends, what he told…

“Why in the world would a women be so mad when I am doing exactly what she asked?!?!?” – What I like about this one is the “why in the world” part…nice little dramatic effect displaying his frustration…but come on man…one of your buddies from back home could have knocked this out for you in 10 min…”Look brother thats how shit is…just go in there say your sorry…eat some pussy and keep it moving!!!”

Now I’m sure theres some rare form of normal person who goes on to this site and needs to learn how to change a tire, replace a fuse, or other simple conventional questions, but tell me folks, why air out your bodily discharge, near incest, and high school drama out for the world to see??? Perhaps the best part, or the scariest, is EVERY question posted above is real. I assure you if you search yahoo answers you will find the original moron who posted it, as well as all their lovely 4th grade grammar…



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  1. Those posts are real only in the sense that they exist. Did someone really want to know those questions? Probably not.

    Its called trolling, it gets people to post answers and write blogs about stupid shit for the original poster’s amusement.

    PS. Don’t feed the trolls.

    • Why dont you go search, in exact verbatim, for those questions on Yahoo Answers – and THEN you can let me give your mom a facial in return…

      I promise you they are all authentic – simply search if your a non-believer

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