First Thing These Girls Thought Of When They Bought That Laptop and Signed Up For Myspace…

I like pics like these because my initial reaction is like wow ladies, way to take full advantage of your newly purchased $485 dollar Dell computer and that MySpace account all your homegirls suggested you sign up for…

Forget networking or using this revolutionary piece of machinery to manage your finances better…

Instead, lets dress up* like whores on the weekend and take pics that make ourselves look like we are in VIP at some swank night club, when for all we know this thirsty plea for attention could have been taken at a crowded Dave and Busters or any regular shitty neighborhood bar/pool hall for that matter…

To make matters worse, if you look hard…realllly hard…these chicks look old..not super duper old but definitely too old for those outfits. I mean i would say between the trio we are looking at a collective 100 sexual partners, 25 STD’s, 10 plus abortions, 5 failed marriage proposals, and a whole boat load of kinky vivid details spread all over their text messages and e-mails…

Yes, this is what sick fucks like us at And This Is My America walk away thinking about when we scour the internet…

(* I put “dress up” because who knows, maybe they are authentic whores*)



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  1. My that was a tad cynical

  2. I think you might be projectiing a tad. That’s pretty reasonable as far as “MySpace Pics” go and it’s fucked up to rip on a bunch of girls you don’t know with words like “whore” and “slut.” By and large those clubs don’t pack in a high average of what we would call “winners” but I don’t see how their mating habits are worthy of criticism.

    Nothing a peacock flashing its feathers can’t do one better anyway.

  3. Did you get that pic from Amber Baby’s myspace? Looks like Amber Ingersol on the left – I posted a cheerleader beater police report from her myspace as an entry in my blog last night. They sure like skimpy clothes and lotsa drinks in Wasilla. I’m thinking that’s the place where I want to live. Good times, high times, drunk times and really nasty hangovers. They can keep their STD’s to themselves, thank you very much.

  4. Nothing more tiresome than someone who bitches about what _other_ people do when it obviously has no impact on their life.

  5. Yeah but it’s funny so suck a dick up till you hiccup!

  6. I think you proved yourself to be the bigger loser by posting this blog entry. Thanks for wasting 2 minutes of my life.

  7. No problem, and you could thank yourself for wasting the following 2 minutes writing that you just wasted the 2 minutes prior to that reading…

    You think I proved…

    Trust me…NO ONE gives a fuck what YOU think but its always nice to know losers like you care so much about us that you take time out of you loser filled world to suck our dicks…even if its just for a minute or so!!!!

  8. Wow, that was pointless. It really is so hard to be you, isn’t it?

  9. Dude it was a joke relax

  10. So much nonsense in just one little blog post…

    If you spruced up your mom’s basement a bit you might be able to pull a few “old” birds like that. Might give you something to do other than being ridiculously overly critical on your blog.

    What the fuck is reddit coming to when this makes the front page…

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