Republicans Know How To Dance…

Well I hope she enjoyed it.

Reading off of a teleprompter can certainly impress the yokels in cowboy hats but as she said her very self, when the stadium lights go out and the cloud of rhetoric has passed, what could she possibly do to lead our nation if/when John McCain were to die as President?

Her subtle jabs at Obama displayed how desperate she was to come out with her fists up and deflect some of the negative attention she has garnered this week. But was it enough?

The main problem with how her speech played out, at least initially at the Convention and right after on CNN, is she is recieving way too much credit for essentially retelling John McCain’s bio, while at the same time attacking Obama. We all know he is a war hero and your a self proclaimed hockey mom but what the fuck does that have to do with what you would do for me if this motherfucker eats one too many steaks and has a heart attack next March???

For someone who spent the greater of her speech convincing us how horrible Obama was, she didn’t do very much to explain what she would do, or what she would be capable of if she herself ended up as President.

I mean you rip Obama for being nothing more than a community organizer, but that community was probably larger than the city she was mayor of.

What Palin did was dance.

She danced around the last 8 years…

Danced around her dysfunctional family…

And she danced around taxes…

When Obama’s economic plan will lower taxes for 80% of Americans, and your up here acting like Republicans cut taxes for the little people, and do all they can for the common man, thats when your argument starts to sound fraudalent…

Republicans know how to dance…

And they get away with it because they play on the fears of middle America.

A middle America so scared of the prospect of having a black President, that they pretend they are actually in the same tax bracket these Republican policies were intended for…

Only time will tell just how effective her speech was, but also how her facts hold up in 29 days when she debates Biden.

Most importantly, the honeymoon is over. Expect the kitchen sink all over again…

Now is not the time to ponder how shit would have been had Obama picked Hillary as VP, as if that wouldnt have brought on a whole host of other issues.

Now is the time to do everything you can to make sure this old fuck doesnt make it to the White House…



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  1. There is no nicer way of putting it: Sarah Palin is a cunt. And if the cunt and the geriatric get themselves elected, I’m getting the fuck out of this country as soon as I graduate.

  2. Well, in all honesty, the only thing I think about when I see this chick is that she has got to be great at sucking dick with those lips. And I bet your right, without that hair up and those “IQ” glasses, I would be willing to bet she’s a complete animal in the sack, complete with the naughty nities and all! I mean, be honest, wouldn’t you like to find out!? I would! She is definetly a MILF. As far as a person I want one heartbeat away from the Presidency, nah, I don’t think so.

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