Lets See How This Pastor Issue Plays Out…


Speaking in toungues?

Controversial beliefs in “faith healing” and “end times”?

How is this not being questioned, probed, or even made fun of all over the internet?

I mean it is…but it isn’t

It definitely isn’t being questioned the way rumors of Obama being Muslim or his dealings with Rev. Wright were/are…

And that’s my point…is it a question of, are we as liberals too soft to really exploit and deceive at free will the way the GOP has become accustomed to doing without hesitation?

Or is it a question of race?

Like my friend said the other day “Well she’s not black, so her integrity is not being questioned…”

Or is it a combination of both? These very issues are at the root of so many problems in this America we live in, from Jenna 6 to everyday interactions with law enforcement….

So please feel free to comment…



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  1. I think Palin’s views, including her religious views should absolutely be under scrutiny. McCain, Palin, and the GOP all cried like babies when she became the VP candidate and said the media was unfair to her. They even said the media should show “deference” to her. It’s the job of journalists to get to the truth and to the bottom of things, not bow their heads in her presence. No one knew anything about this woman, her background, record, policies, etc. If she can’t take having her feet held to the fire, she should get out.

    Personally, I do believe her religious background makes up her worldview. And to have the pastor of her Wasilla church say that critics of President Bush will be banished to hell, questioned whether people who voted for Kerry in 2004 would be accepted to heaven, and that Jesus “operated from that position of war mode” is alarming. This is the kind of mentality that does not believe in the separation of church and state.

    In fact, about the 2004 election, Kalnins actually said: “I’m not going tell you who to vote for, but if you vote for this particular person, I question your salvation. I’m sorry…If every Christian will vote righteously, it would be a landslide every time.”

    So Kalnins feels he can speak for ALL Christians? That he’s got the DEFINITIVE point-of-view?

    When any sect or group professes to have the only “right” viewpoint, and that if you don’t agree with that you will be punished somehow, it verges on fascism.

    Now I hear that this church is supporting a conference that is trying to cure Gays through prayer. If Palin believes that homosexuality is an abomination or immoral, than she will have no problems denying gays their civil rights.

    George Bush brought fanatical religious views to his governing. The fundamentalist Evangelicals declared he had a mandate from God.

    Bush’s administration has been disastrous. I guess God’s mandate was to destroy things? Well, as someone who believes in God, I would never vote for anyone who thinks they have a divine mandate. And any group that supports such a candidate is suspicious.

  2. Thought you might like to read these as well: Palin’s ties to the AIP, and the AIP’s ties to terrorism:



  3. The media is only interested in tabloid stuff. They are really going into her record because they love John McCain and for awhile their love affair had ceased because of the public’s adoration for Sen. Obama.

    Could you imagine if Obama would have picked a no-name?
    They would have said his judgement was totally flawed by picking someone with such little national experience.

    But don’t fret people the media has forgotten that at the nd of the day people want change they Republicans are just suring up votes that they were supposed to get anyway!!!

    Good post!!

  4. Uhhhhmmm given that there’s been about 17 trillion negative articles on Digg and Reddit about Palin, I would say it has been covered.

    I hope nobody votes for Palin or Obama, or McKinney, Paul, Barr and Nader.

    People should stop voting. Voting is evil. All of you voters, you have elected a bunch of a jerks into power, and it is you to blame for this. You shouldn’t vote at all. People who vote should be asked to leave the country.

  5. I don’t know, maybe people who vote should be physically punished somehow. You willingly, purposively vote, and often campaign, for liars, traitors, thieves and other kinds of criminals into power, you stay blinded by your partisan love for your own party, like a home football team. You don’t care about improving the world.

  6. Any sort of criticism of a democrat is taken as the words of a Republican, and any sort of criticism of a Republican is taken as the words of a liberal. Any sort of criticism of both is taken as that of a conspiracy theorist or libertarian or perhaps a supporter of the green party. Blah blah… too bad I hate all you idiots

  7. We don’t need any more laws. A politician is just elected in order to write in more laws. They’re almost always unnecessary, duplicative, over-complicated, etc. They don’t help improve society or an individual man’s life. Politicians just want your votes, and even if they do want to help the world they never seem to have any ideas of their own. They always have really poor taste in music, art and they have crappy understanding of math and physics and engineering.

  8. People don’t need rulers. They should just run around like wild animals.

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