Oh Jesus Christ

Party Animal

Gary Coleman: Party Animal

Well, Gary Coleman – who was in Utah over the weekend for whatever reason – got in a fight with some dude in a bowling alley. Apparently he didn’t want the dude taking his picture. I can understand that. Everyone who grew up with that racist fucking show he was on probably thinks he’s some little toy they can just take home and put on their mantlepiece. After all, the motherfucker is 3 inches tall or whatever.

BUT Gary couldn’t leave it in the bowling alley. He got in his truck (I always pictured him driving the Stuart Little car, but whatever) and hit the dude and another car.  Alcohol was “allegedly” a factor – which means he was definitely drunk. In typical Gary Coleman fashion, he stonewalled the cops. STOP SNITCHIN’!

So, in case you didn’t know Gary Coleman was a creepy little loser, you do now.


Steve Indonesia

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