The Lies Start To Add Up…

In a week where we finally start to see the GOP lies starting to be exposed, the latest bombshell is a continuation of the smear campaign the Republican ticket is trying to run on…

Sarah Palin and the Repubs trying to stretch the truth of the extent of her foreign travels…

The same way they have tried to stretch the truth of Obama’s policy in a string of recent ads…

While yesterday McCain received boos while asserting his stance on abortion while on The View. McCain said he believes Roe v Wade was a “very bad decision..” while sitting in a room full of women on The View


Because that mentality is in touch with the liberties and freedoms of young women across this nation

It’s times like this when I wonder how does this uber-conservative, near facist duo even stand a chance

Frankly, its getting old…

At some point during the next 50 days or so left in this election this thing will have to come down to the issues…

The first debate will hopefully put this thing back on track…

Ed Koch is scared of Palin…Feminists are scared of McCain and Palin…and Matt Damon is even starting to weigh in on the action…

Shit is clearly bad…

Till next time…



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  1. I think all she’s only a lie. There’s nothing real about her. Of course when we do see the truth it does scare the shit out of everyone. No wonder they held an anti-Palin rally in Alaska.

    Can you imagine if McCain dies in office and this bubblehead takes over. Good-bye America.

    I think all the Christians who want the Rapture should have it now. Fly up to wherever you’re going and we’ll take back America.

  2. w/e, I’d do her

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