What A Start To The Week…

So OJ is back on trial…

Karl Rove thinks McCain went “too far”…

And a Republican group in Florida is boycotting the Oprah show because she refuses to interview Sarah Palin???

But really the only thing I care about is our ever growing economic woes…

Lehman Bros. going bankrupt????

NOt good my friends…not good…

Living in NYC, I have read articles covering the collapse which details how deep the effect can be felt…from neghboring restaurants to jewelers…if Wall St. doesnt eat? A lot of people dont eat…

In the same way the daily fluctuation in oil works, many will be effected indirectly regardless of whether they are active investors or not…

While I definetly feel sorry for the lower-level employees I can relate to who may actually be in touch with the the trials and tribulations of the common man…for the most part…its a a classic case of what goes up must come down…

I mean if this really is a recession, which seems to be the case as each day a new economist pops up deeming this one of the worst financial climates in decades…who better to be in it than me?

I for one am broker than a toothless hooker…I dont have a pot to piss in…nor the motherfuckin window to throw it out of…

Me, Mike James and the rest of us here at And This Is My America, are planning to just ride this shit into the sunset…

As long as we can continue to do the BARE minimum in our shitty office jobs…

And get drunk when we get home, and then masturbate to forget about how painfully miserable we were during the previous 8 hours…we look at it like…”eh, shit could be a lot worse…”

With that said…lemme get back to work before I get fired and have to find a real job!!




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  1. Amen brother! This thing is snowballing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of control now. Yet somehow they just keep building luxary highrises in my neighborhood. Blocking out my sun. Reminding me just how low on the totem pole I really am. Rat bastards. At least the people at Lehman Brothers got to sit on top of the world for a time. Me, I was born at the bottom. (figuratively speaking)

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