Good Ol’ Chuck…

This one goes out to Chuck Norris…


For 2 reasons…

1) He’s a badass

2) The above ad

The highlight of the ad to me is the beginning of Chuck and co’s handy dandy little synopsis, “Developed by Chuck Norris for stunt fighting in action movies.”


Chuck Norris developed jeans…

This I find hard to believe

I just cant see Chuck sitting down with Levi’s or Wrangler in a lab somewhere with goggles on testing different denims based on texture and exploring alternate fading technologies…

This guy looks like he knows how to do 3 things…

Beat the shit out of men…drink…and beat the shit out of women…

With that said, lets move on to perhaps the best part of this glorious low-budget masterpiece.

Please take note at the last feature listed, “Half-Price Lifetime Guarantee”…

This is genius on Chucks end as it encompasses a fundamental theory in American business, decieve the customer!

Good ol’ Chuck has the poor subscribers of Ninjistu Monthly fooled with an oxymoron…

How can you have a lifetime guarantee if its half price???

I thought the company guarantee provides security in the purchase as it says to the customer, “I believe in this so much that if it fails, I will replace it FREE”

My boy Chuck is saying…”Wellll these shits will either rip or shrink into some Bugle Boy’s in a matter of weeks so meet me half way on the replacement???”

The jig is up Chucky!!!

No wonder your little “2 for $5.00” jeans didn’t sell…we can’t be hoodwinked buddy!!!



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