Pop Goes The Weasel…

Well well well the GOP tide looks like its about to turn…

For the first time in 2 weeks Obama leads McCain 48% to 44%…

I am going to go out on a limb here and attribute this to the economic woes felt round the world this week…

With a large portion of America struggling financially, its hard for people to give a shit about how much of an American hero John McCain was or what bridge Palin signed off on…

All that shit is irrelevant…and it looks like the Sarah Palin bubble has popped!!!

They got her to be a distraction, but with McSame’s gag this week about our “fundamentally sound” economy, some semi-hot MILF from perhaps the most out of touch state in America just wont cut it…

With that said…a 4 pt lead in the polls isnt something to get overly excited about with a little over 45 days in the election to go. But it does however signify a shift in who is on the defensive.

WIth Palin in the spotlight, Obama had to be on the defensive…

With the economy front and center McCain is the easiest scapegoat…Right or wrong…at this moment in time he is the quintessential poster boy for the notion of keeping the rich richer and letting the poor continue to starve…

Same mentality that had Bush go “eh” when he heard the news about Hurricane Katrina and who it was primarily effecting….

At the end of the day, its one small lead, but if he could build on it and use this mojo to open up a lead in the battleground states going into the debates…Its a step in the right direction…



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  1. Nice place ya got here.

    Looks like Paulson et al are scrambling to buy the election back for McSame, using taxpayer dollars — No Payments ’til 2009!!!, of course. “Paper” it over once again, kick the stinky can down the road.

  2. I hate to be “that guy” but I got such little faith in this government to ever do anything wrong. Whether Obama is sitting up there or McCain, either one will most likely effect zero change in our day to day lives. I want things to be cheaper and I want to make more cash, end of story. I want the impossible. Neither one of these assholes is even humoring us with that empty promise.

  3. Think the lesser of two evils and smoke some pot you cynical son of a bitch!!!!!!

    At the end of the day you will get more $$$ under obamas tax plan…

    And more importantly…McCain is AGAINST abortion…if thats not reason enough to not support him i dont know what is!!!!

    Without that safety net…us 2…specifically could be fathers right now…

    Need I say more?

  4. Anyone who knows me knows two things:
    Number One: I like taffy.
    Number Two: I like the right to kill my babies.

    If I voted, which mind you I never have, I’d totally vote for Obama simply because he allows me to abort fetus’ nearly as fast as I can create them. And that’s the American way people!

  5. Exactly…this isn’t Communist Russia…I am trying to rectiy my mistakes in one visit to the clinic not years of tears and sorrow!!!!

    Who knows maybe I’ll find the next victim attt the clinic!!!

  6. Next Friday is the first set of debates. Who wants to guess what kind of tactic McCain’s going to employ? Maybe the same tired tactic Bush did:

    “Shit your pants, America! Them terrorists is gonna come kill ya, and I’ms the only one whose can saves ya! We’re winning the war- let’s keep it up!”

    Maybe we should all vote for McCain. He’ll be dead from the stress in two years, then we can get Palin in the big seat. She’s an expert on foreign relations, what with having Russia right next door while she was moose hunting and all.

  7. Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Per your request, here you go!


  8. Dear Goldie, I wrote you a long note on your website… I was so gratified to read your letter… fantastic!

    It took me a long time to find this “Leave a Comment” place but I was determined. You have a wonderful voice and you are using it! I’m refreshed and delighted.

    I also wonder what your rates are as a publicist. Right now all I need from you is a statement about your pr business — your rates, references, and availability.

    I’m eager to see if someone can help with the window of publicity I now have for my most recent non-fiction book, Love Cemetery, Unburying the Secret History of Slaves (HarperOne, 2008, hardback, 2007) — has set off a state investigation in Texas and a series of public hearings on behalf of the people who are locked out of their family cemeteries. Locking people out is against Texas law…

    more on that if you’re interested. Just go to my website. My non-profit work that’s grown out of my years of work one race and reconciliation is the Keepers of Love. You can see a trailer on the documentary we’re doing based on this book and now following these public hearings going on across Texas. Results go into proposed legislation for the Jan. 2009 Texas Legislature…

    Now the State is now understanding what I’ve been saying about how Love Cemetery is emblematic of something much larger and involving black cemeteries not only in Texas but around the country.

    Love Cemetery itself is a 1.6 acre historic, 175 year old black cemetery with at least one known Native American grave and probably others too).

    My friends have been locked out of their family’s burial ground for the last 19 months. We’d worked together for 4 years to reclaim the cemetery from the preceding 40 yrs of being locked out… We started in 2003. By 2007, almost to the day, we were locked out again.

    Thank you again for your work!


    China Galland

  9. This isn’t Goldie’s site but it sounds like you are doing positive work…

    I will leave the comment up for awareness…

    Thanks for checking out the site…come back soon…


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