A Round of Applause for those Under-Appreciated Women…

So often do I find myself and other men glorifying women that quite frankly don’t necessarily deserve it…

Does Pamela Anderson really need us to glorify her fake breasts?

Does Angelina Jolie really deserve the clout she gets because for the past 10 years we have all been guilty at one time or another of fantasizing about how her lips would feel around a mouth full of cock?

Not at all my friends…not at all…

Now is the appropriate time to take a step back from all of our usual perverse fantasies and just say thanks to the women who have helped us laugh, cry, and made us better men!!!

While I can think of numerous under-appreciated women all over the globe…I will name my top 3 and let you guys add notables I may have left out…

1. Clair Huxtable

Talk about holding a family down! I mean she popped out 5 fucking kids and still had enough sense to lay off the carbs to keep Cliff happy!!!! And this was pre-Atkins!!! This woman was ahead of her time. The perfect balance between lady in the streets and freak in the sheets!!! Cause we all know Clair wasnt gonna stand back and watch Cliff get serviced by some intern at the hospital…oh no…Clair was in it to win it!!!!!

2. Ellen DeGeneres

I can sit here at 25 years of age and honestly say I have NEVER had one sexual thought about this woman. I haven’t even slipped up once. Yet she is always taken for granted. Well not today Ms. DeGeneres!!! Today we here at And This Is My America would like to take the time out to thank you for your swagger, your humor, and most of all Finding Nemo!!!

3. Ally McBeal

Remember this woman? I hope you do. Because had it not been for Calista (what were her parents thinking, Calista sounds like an STD!!!) Flockhart, women worldwide might have followed in her footsteps down the slippery slope to inevitable anorexia. See, when this Ally McBeal first appeared on our TV sets in the late 90’s for many it signified the last straw. While women spent the better half of the nineties trying their hardest to starve themselves into Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell clones, this mediocre, run of the mill, primetime drama star made every woman in America stand up and scream, “The vomit stops here bitch!!!” Its one thing to go hours without food to mimic someone pretty and healthy but the unattractive “visible ribcage” is never the goal! Thanks Ally, for waking us up and opening our eyes to the beauty of pasta, titties, and curves!!!!

With that said, we would like to thank all of the above women for their remarkable contributions to mankind!!!



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