Green With Envy…

So the weather is changing…

The days are getting longer…

Halloween is around the corner…

And all over college campuses, lucky 17 and 18yr old men are plowing through drunk college girls like a submarine….

I’m hating and I’ll tell you why…

I remember the days of roaming my dorm room in search of the “sluttiest female student of the month”….

I remember getting laid not because i had the most money…or the most expensive car…but simply because I had the most beer and the best weed!!!!

Now what have I got?

Over-priced drinks and “out of its prime” pussy….talk about a bad combo!!!

I am writing this not to feel sorry for myself, but more as an ode to those youngsters out there who may be experiencing this free for all right now and are naive enough to be taking it for granted…

While i congratulate these young men…I also hate them…

Hindsight is 20/20 and one of these lucky sons of a bitch is probably sitting in his dorm right now picking his best Billabong hoodie out of the pile of “still kinda clean” clothes on the floor of his room to go prey on his next victim tonight…


Fast forward 6 years and you will be just as miserable as us jerkoff!!!!

See I’m also writing this for my peers…the men who used to have their pick of the litter a few years ago but now find themselves wondering what went wrong after another useless weekend of wasting money and time wading through the inevitable sausage fest found at the “happening” bar or club they were sworn was the spot to find all of the PYT’s (pretty young things)…

Between the current state of relations between post-college men and women, and the modern reality of STDs, my fellow brothers are only left with expensive weed and internet porn to soothe their pain…

Is this what we have come to?

Electronic toys and gadgets are cool but I’m sure we would trade our iPhones and Garmin’s in for a year of STD free, condom free sex!!!!

It’s gotta be better than this…

Gotta be…

So enjoy it while it lasts college boys…we are all green with envy…



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  1. Sounds like if you’d like some condom-free sex, just head north to Wasilla.

  2. I’m one of the few people who realized this in college but of course fucked it all up by dating the same chick for the entire time. BIG SURPRISE, that chick is long gone and my days of college ass came and went in the blink of an eye. Where’s my gun…?

  3. aaaw poor girl fucking and puking should get college credits
    but she is really gonna be pissed off when she gets her head outta the trashcan and realize there ain’t no toilet paper–LOL
    cool boots though

    • WbPdGT YATB says you r the best

  4. I live with my bf now but in the beginnings of college we were not together, for obvious reasons! I’m only 21..but what’s with all the young guys going after “cougers”? I’ve always wondered this seeing as they can have them when thier 35!

  5. re: “couger’s”
    Younger men go after older women because coug’s actually enjoy sex and don’t just lay there. This is beyond merely being older and more experienced blah, blah (though true!), but the stronger sex drive of coug’s is also biological.


  6. hahahaha, the young guys don’t go after the cougars, the cougars go after the young guys. as pointed out earlier the cougars have a higher sex drive and there for will put them selves out to the guys and and thus the guys really don’t have a lot of work to do and are being hit on. So, really in the end its an easier Lay.

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