Is You Scared Motherfucker…Keep It Real With Me…


Delay the debates???

You crazy old fuck…hell no!!!

Now is the best time to have them…not after the bailout when shit is nice and smooth…so you can have Palin come out and flash the audience some nipple and get them distracted…

Sorry buddy…Friday it is…

But don’t worry John…in the eyes of all the racist, ignorant, inbred Americans out there…your still their hero and best choice for the job!!!




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  1. That picture is amazing.

  2. Logical,
    He’s a scared old whiner.

    Did you see Letterman giving it to McCain for canceling on him? I have the video on my blog. He is relentless on McCain.

    Hopefully McCain is just putting nails in his coffin.

  3. Seeing as the other two posts were a bit sycophantic I will throw in my two bits. I seem to remember this one debate that already happened where McCain did kinda well, and yah you know Obama didn’t. Oh and let me think what happened then, umm Oh yes! the Obama camp knew they couldn’t get away with saying it was a success for him so instead they decided to say McCain had some sort of superhuman hearing and knew about the questions beforehand. Nothing was really said about McCain’s success but then again why would that be surprising considering the media outlets that exist??

  4. I usually don’t normally post on many Blogs, still I just has to say thank you… keep up the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its time to get to school.

  5. their is a problem in the first place

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