Well I’ll Be Damned…


“As long as the aggressors, because of their financial, political and propaganda powers, not only escape punishment, but even claim righteousness, and as long as wars are started and nations are enslaved in order to win votes in elections, not only will the problems of the global community remain unsolved, but they will be increasingly exacerbated,” the Iranian leader said.

 This is probably the last person in the world we as Americans would want commentating on our lackluster position right now in the global and domestic market…


Because this isnt your average, run-of-the-mill, foriegn, player-hater just looking to bash us because we are materialistic and hypocritical…

No, this is a man who could possibly be declaring our weakness on the global stage as a prelude to whatever sick and twisted plot he has for this nation…

If you read this article, every topic he touches upon…the answers leave me scared…

Not at the prospect of what he may do…but the fear is more directed at the vulnerability of our nation…

Weak dollar, shaky credit system, the demise of essentially all major investment firms, bitter citizens, not to mention our dependence on oil…

I mean we are pretty much up shits creek without a paddle…

Take a look at this excerpt from a different CNN article, outlining another attempt by Ben Bernanke to mobilize the bailout process…

Bernanke explained how the credit crisis is rippling out through the economy. He said it has gotten harder for businesses to get the loans they need to create jobs, and for consumers to get loans to buy new vehicles – hurting both automakers and auto workers.

“I realize it’s a very complicated story,” Bernanke said. “Banks are holding all these complex hard to price securities. This approach is one way to address the problem.”

A “complicated” story???

Thats some euphemism Benny!!! – In layman’s terms? We are fucked!!!

Great Depression 2.0…live and direct…




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  1. You said it.

    And McCain seems to think he can fund 2 wars and possibly start a new one with Iran?


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