Ain’t Nothing Like Some Adina Howard…

What can I say…I caught myself humming this shit the other night when I got out the shower…

Had me reminiscing of when I thought there was no more to life than striving to be a ruffneck or striving to fuck the shit out of gangsta shorties like this on the regular…

Boy did I fail…

Anyways…enjoy this trackas a throwback to the 90s…an era when shit was stress free…

A time when a couple of $2.00 40oz’s and a Wu-Tang tape could get you thru the weekend!!!



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  1. For me a few OE’s and and some Wu still gets the job done. I used to sing this song all the time, and by “used to” I’m talking like three weeks ago. That and Sima Sima, Who AM IIIIIIIIIIIIIII, girl flex time to have seeeeeex-ah!

  2. Yea man some things never get old…

    Like paychecks and masturbation…

    You think they got 40oz’s in Mexico?

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