Joe Biden Was Spawned by a Long Dead Jim Henson

Senator Joe Biden

Senator Joe Biden

And the startling revelation:

Waldorf (left) and Statler (right)

Waldorf (left) and Statler (right)

Is it just me or does Joe Biden bare a striking resemblance to Waldorf!  Imagine, if you will, the muppet minus his mustache, it’s seriously a dead lock.  It’s actually quite frightening, because those two hoary old men up there hated everything they ever saw!

As you can plainly see I’m a deep thinker, and while millions of Americans paid extra close attention to debates, I couldn’t stop picturing the photo above.  Literally tens of millions of viewers all over the country studied the debates last night, they listened to the facts, took mental notes and catalogued every minute expression the candidates made.  These same people are going to store this information until it’s time to cast their votes in the ballot box.  Other folks, such as myself, opted to ignore the facts, fuck their stances on health care, to me it was just 90 minutes of Waldorf going back and forth with Elaine Benes.

Maybe someday I’ll wise up and lay off the Dewar’s.

– Mike James

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  1. Nice post. I can be analytical but the news media just puts me to shame. The media and me saw two different debates. I saw the won where Palin won and they say the one where Waldorf won.

  2. You don’t win debates by dodging questions….she lost as expected but def did better than expected because anything she couldn’t answer….she didn’t!!!

    But goddamn ur right mike…this motherfucker looks just like him!!!!

    P.S. Don’t lay off the dewars!!!!!!

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