These Guys Aren’t Going Down Without A Fight…

The Faina’s hijacking, the most high-profile off Somalia this year, illustrates the ability of a handful of pirates from a failed state to menace a key international shipping lane despite the deployment of warships by global powers. More than two dozen ships have been hijacked off Somalia’s coast this year.


The scary thing at this point is…I think the Somalian’s may win…

It was one thing to hear this story first break and start to develop a screenplay based on it…

I mean it started off real juicy and gripping…like we were for sure this was a 2 day affair at best….

But now I’m like…shit…I’m not trying to make a movie about these motherfuckers!!!

Have this scary motherfucker show up at my doorstep with that gun…whew…talk about a bad day…I’d shit myself right on the spot…true story…

I don’t know…they say John McCain (who got caught) is a war hero


This motherfucker above and his friends are war heros

Read the accompanying article if you think its a game…

I just dont know why we don’t hire these mavericks to go to Iraq and handle business for us!!!!

Shit if all they want is $20 million…thats a steal compared to the 100 billion a month Dubya’s got us spending… 

I’ll keep you guys posted on our Somalian buddies as more news becomes available…



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  1. I guess George Bush will ask them nicley,then kill them

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