2 Down…One To Go…



So no gloves came off…

Instead we were just treated to a desperate man trying to put his team in a better position than it was a day prior…but it didnt happen…

This is becoming eerily reminiscent of the primaries…when we saw that once Hillary was aware that Obama actually had a chance to win this thing…there was no way she could hide her disgust nor her sense of entitilement…

Now it’s the same thing…except obviously with the stakes higher…those emotional feelings are that much more intense…

Take a look at this quote from the New York Times editorial piece above:

Mr. McCain’s aides haven’t even tried to hide their cynical tactics, saying they were “going negative” in hopes of shifting attention away from the financial crisis — and by implication Mr. McCain’s stumbling response.

I just don’t get how this is the GOP strategy, at this point in the game…

Shift attention away from the financial crisis???

And do what?? Talk about 9/11 and terrorism…

Come on…not even Rudy Giuliani thinks that is the best strategy…

For someone with such alleged knowledge and experience…it appears his campaign lacks both those qualities…

With one debate to go…and nothing but gameday in the back of both these men’s heads…it will be interesting to see who has the momentum going into Election Day…

And if that momentum will translate into a W…or if this story ends like the 2000 Election…with the wrong kind of Dubya





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