The Grim Realities Of A Financial Crisis…

This is bullshit…

You spend 4 years in college thinking you got it all figured out…

Graduate…realize the world and economy around you is not only changing…but your left feeling like you were among the last to know…

Ladies and Gentleman…I invite you to watch the accompanying video and take a walk in my shoes…

Now according to this CNN clip, a Manpower Survey concluded that the following jobs are the safest:

White Collar

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Sales Reps
  • Accountants
  • IT Staff

Blue Collar

  • Machinists
  • Machine operators
  • Skilled workers
  • Mechanics
  • Laborers/production operators

So where does that leave me???

Broke…bitter…clueless…and closer to 30 than to 20…

Conventional wisdom would tell one to get on out there and grab a secondary degree, as I am a college grad…

However, that secondary degree is upwards of 100 grand, not to mention the fact that it was conventional wisdom that told me I actually knew what the fuck I was doing when I chose my major at 18…

That could be one of the worst fucking ideas ever…

“Oh yea kids, come on down while your half drunk and stoned and pick your future out of a hat…don’t worry…no pressure…”

I mean look what I’m left with…this video is either talking about a bunch of jobs I can’t get because I studied something totally different or $15, $16 dollar an hour manual labor and commission based sales jobs as the best options???

Is this really what my life has come to???

Don’t get me wrong… I have nothing against the blue collar worker….but if that’s the case I should have been a construction worker or picked up a trade straight out of high school and called that shit a day…

No papers…NO LOANS!!!!!

Call me bitter…(You probably already did…weeks ago)…but I feel hoodwinked!!!

And its not like I expected to have 400 thousand in a savings account by my 26th birthday…but I expected to at the very minimum have an idea of the path I would be taking to attain that 400k…

Instead I’m like regressing…

Well that’s my first rant of the week…I’m sure it wont be the last…

Excuse me while I go attempt to sell some semen and/or blood (hopefully not mixed together…) to try and make ends meet…



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  1. – true all over the US and Canada

    If you had majored in the sciences you would be in high demand. The average age of laboratory technologists is 50+. Many are going to retire in the next 10-15 years. Whole departments will be wiped out as the baby boomers say sayanora. Many other hospital based technical jobs are in the same boat. Teachers will be in short supply. I make nearly $30/hour as a lab technologist/microbiologist and am 59 years old. I’ll probably be able to work as long as I want. I am not easily replaced.

    My 28 year old daughter, who majored in art history, came to her senses with a reality check 3 years ago and has one more year to go in RN training. You should start thinking of the future. Nothing is easy. Rethink your major field and then get going. Health care is the only growth industry in the U.S. right now.

  2. An addendum – I think it’s interesting that kids today can even speculate on making $400K. All jobs do not make those types of spectacular salaries. Many of those jobs just went up in smoke in the financial centers of the U.S. due to the greed involved in getting to those monetary heights. These jerks are trying to sell their yachts and overpriced homes as we speak. Is that what you want 30 years down the road?

    Professional school is one way of making big bucks, but there are many other jobs that make decent money and don’t leave you excrutiatingly stressed at the end of a day.

    In my upper midwest city, you can get an RN degree (two years) for the price of a good used car. My daughter was at a bank making a BIG $10.25/hour when they started loading on responsibility and no additional money. She started seriously looking at her future and realizing that she would HAVE to take the math and science classes she avoided for four years to make a decent wage and have flexibility in taking care of a family. She has gotten all A’s and did well in her chemistry and microbiology classes – areas which she totally avoided in her Bachelor’s Degree program at a local state university. She is working at the local medical school’s nursing administration office and going to school in the evening.

    It can be done.

  3. I feel you on that one – it’s been about 6+ months since I graduated and I FINALLY got a job working at a lab that I had worked at when I took the semester off. I lucked out that they were hiring again.

    I decided on being a science major thinking that I’d eventually get into medical school. And while I’m still on that path, what with researching schools and studying for the MCATs, part of me is a little scared if I can even accomplish it or not, what with the economy not working for the recent grads.

    Yea, life’s not fair. But at least it could be a little understanding.

  4. Life is not fair Ive changed careers 6 times welcome to the real world sorry pre packed educations & booksmarts aint enough> Good Luck!

  5. I hope everyone is realizing that no one is safe from automation and outsourcing.Since 99% of us don’t matter and can never have any molecule of security, we should all be given cyanide capsules.We should leave this world a heaven for the rich.If masses of us kill ourselves then hopefully survivors may get a better deal.Kaputalism is institutionalised injustice.It cannot be fair or share.Only briefly through a world war can Capitulationism provide full employment.We should all wish for war so that we may all be conscripted and if we die, it’s the best fate that can befall a pauper.

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