A “Tree” Grows…Anywhere???


So we here at And This Is My America have spent hours scouring the Internet for some positive news to bring to you lovely viewers…

While we truly are a group of angry…bitter…shameless…sex driven individuals…

We felt that an over abundance of reality might not be too appealing to the masses…

So we bring to you Solar Energy…yes that’s right…and Wind Energy as well…

A London based company, Solar Botanic, has created technology that can use artificial trees and plants to yield power from the sun and wind…

I for one am impressed…these folks claim that an average sized tree can generate enough power for one single household…

This is the future…actual innovation to remedy the problems we face regarding oil dependence…

While this technology is still in the early stages of development, Solar Botanic believes they can get to the point where these trees and plants can be used to power motorways and parks…

What isnt encouraging is the fact that it had to be a British company behind it…makes you wonder why the American solution is more in line with “drill baby drill”….instead of “think baby think”…

I think we need to look at alternate energy to not only help us with oil dependence…but to create new jobs and a better quality of life…

So fuck it…if I have to cave in and buy a car…I’m buying a Prius…



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  1. Yeah pity for us, never mind, we can still get production here and create jobs and green energy.
    I love trees, Sex and I drive a Prius;)


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