Joe The Plumber…Meet Ashley The Liar….

She now can’t explain why she invented the story, Bryant said. Todd also told police she believes she cut the backward “B” onto her own cheek, but did not provide an explanation of how or why, Bryant said.

I know we said we were curbing the political talk till after the election…

But this is less about politics and more about just how stupid the above woman is…

Ashley Todd, 20 yr old McCain supporter, (obviously) admitted to the cops today that her story that a 6’4″ black man (obviously) robbed her at an ATM and then pinned her to the ground while carving a “B” into her cheek was a complete lie…

This bitch is crazy…

First for fabricating the lie to begin with…but then for showing up to the police station looking like the shit actually happened!!!

Look at her!!!

Is she serious…what the fuck did she do run into a door knob and then carve a B into her own face while looking in the mirror???

Perhaps the best part is she said the imaginary black man said “You are going to be a Barack supporter…”


Scarrrrry black man!!!!!

I dont know…that seems like a LOT to make up…(without the help of some Crystal Meth or PCP)

My 7th grade History teacher, Mr. Bomer used to have a saying, “Only in America…”

“Mr. Bomer I didnt have a chance to finish the reading and the homework…”

“Only in America!”

Went something like that…

Somewhere…probably in a local strip club…Mr.Bomer is reading about this story and shaking his head…

Only in America Mr. Bomer…Only in America…



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  1. What an embarrassment to the party. This woman needs some national, public vilification.

  2. […] Mr. Bomer said, only in America…only in […]

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