This Kid Is My Hero…

And I’ll tell you why…

Essentially…this is what is missing from my life…

Pure…genuine…innocent joy…

Look at that smile…when was the last time you smiled like that?

Let alone over your Halloween costume…I envy this little bastard…

For the past year…while I have second guessed myself on an almost daily basis on where my future will take me and whether or not I have fucked up thus far…I have not ONCE experienced a fraction of the joy this kid embodies in this very picture right before your eyes…

Not on pay day…not during sex…not while getting drunk…shit…not even on Christmas!!!

If it aint happening on Christmas…it aint NEVER happening…

And thats the problem…wheres the light at the end of the tunnel???

When I was this kids age…there was always that glimmer of hope…that “Oh I got Christmas”…”Oh its almost my birthday”…”Oh its almost summer!!!!!”


Summer hasn’t really meant shit since 10th grade!!!

So i’ll tell you what Bobby (for the purpose of this piece…I’m gonna call the motherfucker Bobby…if you actually are Bobby…and have a problem with that…e-mail me and I will have no problem editing the post to Kevin or Billy or whatever the fuck your name is) my best advice to you and your creative little Gameboy costume is to enjoy it…

Saturday morning cartoons (if they still exist) and summer vacations wont last forever little fella so take advantage man…take adavantage…




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  1. Ever consider meditation/contemplation? It can help reconnect you with that sense of joy (seriously).

  2. I fucking hate Bobby and all the bullshit rubbing it your face happiness he exudes. Dammit I miss being young!

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