Great Scott…That’s A Lot For An Old Shitty Car…


This guy has lost his mind…

If he thinks anyone is goint to pay $22,000 for a 1982 Delorean in the middle of a recession…just because that shit was the focal point of a movie…

Now I am a Back To The Future fan (parts 1 and 2…3 is trash) but come on…

Unless you know Xzibit and his buddies from Pimp My Ride…and you want to turn this hunk of shit into an 08 custom “baby-Ferrari”….you will just end up with an over priced piece of shit car!!!!

I cant front…the gull wing doors are official…

Hence the baby (very baby) Ferrari part…

But Michael J. Fox is like 4 ft 7… and I have no idea how lanky ass Christopher Lloyd got in that motherfucker which leads me to believe that 26 years later…no 200-lbers are fitting in that motherfucker…so I’m assed out…

I’m over it to tell you the truth…for $22,000…I could get an old beat up Honda Civic…and make the interior look like a Rolls Royce Phantom

TV’s…Gucci Leather bucket seats…mini (very mini) bar…an Xbox 360…and a lingerie rack for the ladies…

And with tinted windows and no rims…my shit would never get stolen…

Don’t worry…more tips from my forthcoming book, Ballin’ Outta Control (On The Salary Of A Sweatshop Worker) by Devonte Smith, coming soon!!!






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  1. Dude! If I had 22 Grand lying around you bet that sweet black ass of yours I’d buy that fucking car! And me and you would go on a double date with two whores fresh from Better Off Dead!

  2. Shut your mouth you hack. You don’t know anything about cars, obviously. That car’s price is in fact really low compared to what similar conditioned DeLoreans are going for. Moron.

  3. Daniel it was a joke.

    I hope you do get some pussy in your adult lifetime, before the anger bubbles over.

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