Update #1 – Optimistic…But Who Really Knows…



The last polls read a 7pt lead for Obama, similar to the steady lead he has had throughout this epic battle.

However, between the undecided folks, inevitable voting problems, and racism, it might as well be tied in the eyes of Devonte Smith.

Remember, Gore had that same 7pt lead in the final polls and we all know how that story ended.

My biggest fear is that the influx of new voters will cause terribly long lines at the polls which will force many working class folks to come back in the evening which may be worse.

So far, most of my coworkers were able to vote before work without a problem.

I will continue to try to update throughout the day, while at the same time, trying not to get fired!!!

Live from NYC, the last leg of the race…



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  1. My favorite thing about this whole Presidential Race is the comments on all these news blog & messageboards with everyone screaming that blacks are racist by voting for Obama purely because he’s black!…Uhhhhh in 1988 Dem. Michael Dukakis received 88-90% of the black vote. 2000 Gore got 91% & Kerry got 89% four year ago! This year they’re saying 90%-95% will vote for Obama. So that gives them their excuse to put “VOTE WHITE” signs >> http://www.tampabays10.com/news/elections/story.aspx?storyid=93388&catid=36

  2. How about voting for a US citizen?

    Not many media outlets are telling the story of Obama likely being hauled into the US Supreme Court to verify his citizenship in December. His Certificate of Live Birth in Hawaii is not the same as a Birth Certificate.

    What no one mentions is how can he have been born August 4th yet his mother didn’t leave Kenya until August 8th. Then there is the issue of two hospitals listed as his actual birth site.

    No one had any issues with pulling skeletons out of the closet when it came to John Kerry and his ‘war record’, yet no one is willing to state anything about Obama for fear of the race card being thrown down. Its not a racial issue, its an issue of Article II of the US Constitution.

    Here is one example of what the media will not report on:

    So much has been debated about whether or not Barack H. Obama II is or is not a Natural Born US citizen. The problem is that so many people are totally uninformed as to the law as it existed in 1961 as it relates to the transmission of citizenship to a child born outside the US or its Outlying Possessions (OLP).

    In an effort to clear the air, to get the FACTS out so people can clearly see the issue without opining or guessing as to the legalilties, allow me to pontificate a bit.

    In 1961, as opposed to TODAY, Section 301(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as ammended (INA) required the following: A child being born to one alien parent (ie. Non Citizen) and one citizen parent in a marital relationship, required that the sole US citizen parent to have resided in the United States for a period of ten years, five of which must have been over the age of 14. Today’s version of the law has somewhat different residency requirements for the US citizen parent. But the law, as it applied on August 4, 1961, required ten years presence, five after the age of 14.

    Barack Hussein Obama I (dad), was a citzen and national of Kenya. He was not, nor had never been, a United States citizen. Ergo, he is the “alien” parent in this scenario. Stanley Ann Dunham (mom) was a US citizen by virtue of having been born in the US. At the time of Barack Hussein Obama II’s birth on August 4, 1961, Ms. Dunham was 18 years old, having been born in November of 1942. As such, if Barack Hussein Obama II was born outside the US or its Outlying Possessions, on August 4, 1961, then Ms. Dunham could not transmit her citizenship to her son because she failed to have accumulated the necessary physical presence requirements that the LAW (that pesky and inconvenient thing that oftentime gets in the way of “change”) demanded.

    The earliest in which Ms. Dunham could have transmitted her citizenship to a child born outside the US would have been when she was 19 years of age, which was in November of 1961 and NOT in August of 1961, when Obama was born.

    It’s that simple. If he was born in Kenya, or anywhere else for that matter, other than the US or its OLP’s, then he is not, nor can never be, eligible to hold the office of President of the United States of America inasmuch as he does not, nor never can, fullfill the requirements of Article II, Clause V of the Constitution of the United States. It’s not an optional thing, regardless of whether or not someone thinks it’s fair or not. It’s the law, that pesky, recurring inconvenience that seems to get in the way, time and time again.

    Now, the quesiton remains to be answered if he was born in Kenya or not. The State of Hawaii has weighed in and states that there is a record of Mr. Obama’s birth on file in the Department of Vital Statistics. However, THAT is not enough. There are two entirely different and distinct birth documents issued by the State of Hawaii.

    The first is a Certificate of Live Birth which is the traditional birth certificate we all are familiar with for children born IN Hawaii.

    Then there is a different document entitled Certification of Live Birth, which is issued to children born OUTSIDE of Hawaii but whose birth is registered in Hawaii pursuant to a quaint and scarcely known Hawaiian law, Hawaii Revised Statute 338-17.8. This law allows for the registration of a birth in Hawaii for a child who was born OUTSIDE Hawaii to parents who, for the year immediately preceding the child’s birth, claimed Hawaii as their principle place of residence.

    Dunham and Obama Sr. both resided in Hawaii for the year immediately preceding Senator Obama’s birth. Ergo sum, his birth, even if it occurred in Kenya, could legally be registered in Hawaii, and a Certification of Live Birth could have been issued, giving the uninitiated the impression that he was born in Hawaii when in fact, he was not.

    It is misleading when the State of Hawaii states that they have examined Obama’s birth record and it is valid. It could very well be the case. The ISSUE however, is whether or not he was born in Hawaii as he claims, or if he was born in Kenya. There is of course, a plausible scenario in which he could’ve been born in Kenya and yet have his birth recorded in Hawaii as having been born in Hawaii when in fact he was not. It’s quite simple acutally. His mother could have lied. That’s right. Ann Dunham could have given birth in Kenya, brought Obama back with her to the US and then fraudulently registered the birth in Hawaii. Is it likely? Who knows? Is it possible? As Sir Aruthur Coynan Doyle has written: Once you have eliminated what is impossibe, whatever remains, however unlikely, is possible.

    In this case, anything is possible. And it’s so unfortunate that all but one relative on Ms. Dunham’s side of the family are deceased. His maternal grandmother, who he conveniently just visited in Hawaii, is the one living relative that could possibly shed light on this subject. A simple question asking her if her daughter went to Kenya prior to Barack’s birth would end the speculation, assuming of course, her response is truthful. And therein lies the rub. With so much fraud being perpetrated by the DailyKOS, Stop the Smears, and others, it’s difficult to believe anything at this point.

    And isn’t it oh so convenient that Obama goes to Hawaii on October 23, 2008 and the Hawaiin Department of Health, after his visit to Hawaii, issues the statement that the document they have is legitimate. The wording of their statement leaves alot to be desired. It’s a non answer to a question. Yes, the document is valid. And? Was he born in Hawaii??????


    The now infamous document posted on Stop the Smears and the DailyKOS, which has been determined to be a forgery by no fewer than three court certified Forensic Document Examiners, was a Certification of Live Birth and NOT a Certificate of Live Birth or Birth Certificate. However, in an effort to obfuscate the issue, the term “Birth Certificate” has been used interchangably with “Certification of Live Birth”.

    Assuming that Mr. Obama has a legitimate Certification of Live Birth, the question must be asked: “Why post a forgery?” The answer is as follows:

    A. There does not exist a legitimate, authentic birth document for Obama showing birth anywhere in the US.


    B. He does have a legitimate Certification of Live Birth issued by the State of Hawaii. However, that document shows his place of birth as being in Mombassa, Kenya and NOT in Hawaii as the forged copy claims.

    What is troubling and frustrating is that Obama can, and has had the ability to do so for quite some time, resolve this matter by simply providing a certified copy of his authentic birth document. The only reason that is reasonable for his failure to do so is that he simply doesn’t have a document that shows he was born in the US. His documents all show birth in Kenya.

    As to his Indonesian passport, that, in and of itself, is problematic for Obama. In order to have obtained Indonesian citizenship, which is the only way one legitimately gets an Indonesian passport, he must have renounced his US citizenship, assuming for a moment, that he was, in fact a US citizen at any time. The fact that he renounced his US citizenship in order to obtain citizenship in Indonesian also makes him ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States under Article II, Clause V of the Constitution of the United States.

    Look. The facts and the law, are just that, the facts and the law. Wishing it wasn’t so, being upset that the law is the way it was in 1961, wishing that people wouldn’t bring that pesky inconvenient issue of the law, won’t change a thing. Mr. Obama, like it or not, whether you think it’s fair or not, if born outside the US, is NOT, nor never can be, eligible to hold the office of President of the United States. Period. End of discussion.

    IF, in fact, he was born in Kenya, as it appears he very well was, then his continued candidacy and the acceptance of campaign funds and donations, is a fraud. Furthermore, this issue is likely to throw this country into a Constitutional crisis, the likes of which we have never seen, making the elections of 2000 and 2004 look tame by comparison. And don’t you think Obama knows whether or not he was born in the US or not?

    He wrote a book entitled “The Audacity of Hope”. Perhaps it should have been entitled “The Audacity of Ambition”.

    For the record, this was sent to me by a recently retired Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, with more than 25 years experience. Part of his experience is understanding and comprehending immigration and nationality law which is at the center of this issue. In short, he knows a “little bit” about what he speaks of.

  3. So his mother did not leave Kenya (your copy-and-pasted post says) until August 8th? So what would the motive of the family be to forge all of this and get their announcement in the Honolulu paper just days later August 13th right with all the other babies born on the 4th ( http://whatreallyhappened.com/IMAGES/obama-1961-birth-announcement-from-honolulu-advertiser0000.gif )? i guess the entire family had a “Manchurian Candidate” plot which they put in action in 1961 with a mixed race baby boy. They definately knew in 1961 that the USA’s LITTLE racism problem would be COMPLETELY gone by the time he was 35 (legal age to be President). That’s unlikely unless they were able to see into the future to 1965 when the people most likely to vote for a black/caucasian-mix were REALLY allowed to vote (National Voting Rights Act of 1965 ). Too much conspiracy mumbo-jumbo in my mind.
    Not many media outlets are telling the story of how DENIAL of the existance of racism is actual a form of it!! Plus if “No one had any issues with pulling skeletons out of the closet ” for Obama then maybe that’s the skeleton-out-the-closet-puller’s fault for not being on his job and being to busy celebrating the OJ Simpson capture!?!
    But no, it is not a racial issue when a McCain worker carves a backwards “B” in her face and lies, saying a black man raped and attacked her because she was a McCain supporter. Denial my friend!! “gmn2514” feel free to go to FoxNews.com and copy and paste something else below!!!

  4. Racists are sneaky!

  5. And we prefer the term “bigots”.

  6. …… I mean THEY prefer the term “bigots”…..they.

  7. The entire point is that if Obama is not a legal US citizen then his possible election to President will set a precedent for other non-US citizens to run for office. Not to mention that his entire campaign is a fraud and Billary is the actual Dem candidate.

    Does anyone really want Arnie in the White House?

  8. actually Mike James both bigots and racists are pretty clever & sneaky! Gmn2415, I agree no one really wants Arnold S in the White House.

  9. Watch the USA Today the week of November 10 for a full page ad addressed to Obama.

    None of the issues mentioned before and in that full page have been satisfactorily addressed or resolved.

    If there wasn’t a question about his citizenship, then all this would be unneccessary. He has yet to provide valid proof that is not some sort of alleged forgery. This is not a conspiracy issue or a racial issue, its a constitutional issue regarding his eligibilty to run for president.

    We the people have the right to have a US citizen in the office of the president not an usurper.

    Check your constitution, Article II, Section 4.


    Your still on it???

    Get over it man

    Obama is YOUR president

    No USA Today article can change that…so suck it up and move on…

    Your probably just as mad as we were for having had Bush these past 8 yrs…so welcome to our world!!!!

    If you honestly think Obama is not a citizen then you should take that up with someone that has a little more power than a couple of slacker bloggers because the motherfucker is moving in the White House mid-January whether you like it or not…

    President Obama…

    Get used to it buddy because its NOT going to change

  11. If Obama isn’t a US Citizen then why is the US Supreme Court having a closed door session on Dec 5 to determine if he is one?

    Mainstream media is afraid of posting any story even remotely hinting at it due to fear of the race card being thrown down. Its not a racial issue at all, its a simple issue of abiding by the US Constitutional requirements for the office of President of the United States.

    Its not bigotry or racism to make every candidate play by the same rules.

    If this wasn’t an issue then why hasn’t Obama produced a non-forged copy of a BC not the photo shop mess that factcheck.org allegedly claims is his? Factcheck is part of the foundation that Obama worked for at one time. Hmm, coincidence?

    Here’s a couple of links that might make most people pull their heads out of the sand and maybe use that one remaining brain cell to form a question or cognizant thought. Form your own conclusions.



  12. Sorry buddy we dont care…nor could we do anything to help you out IF we did care..

    The election was almost a month ago…get over it…

    Sorry your candidate lost and sorry you like to believe rumors on the internet…

    But fortunately for us, Obama is YOUR president too my man…

    So suck it up and move on

  13. Yeah, I guess we can just ignore the US Constitution, afterall it was only created by our founding fathers. If this issue is just an internet rumor then why is the US Supreme Court having a hearing about it on Dec 5? Check their website for the docket, I won’t provide it because someone will state thats it fake or just a rumor.

    Apparently, no one seems to care that a person who could quite conceivable not be a US citizen will take the highest office in the land. Go back to sleep and beleive the endless drivel force fed you by the media. Become one of the sheeple who are totally complacent about the destiny of this nation.

    Its ‘only’ the Constitution, the framework that this nation was founded on, so it can’t possible be important to anyone who lives in the USA. Maybe teh Constitution is just an internet rumor as well?

    Beleive what you want, hopefully the real truth will finally come out.

    Food for thought, Obama’s grandmother is on record as siging an affidavit and admitting under oath that she was present for his birth in Kenya. That statement and court document are part of the hearing that the Supreme Court will be viewing. Oh, but wait, thats just an internet rumor as well. Anyone can fake an affidavit especially one that just happens to be filed in the highest court in the land.

    Oh yeah, one little thing, the Supreme Court clerk who was responsible for filing the motion and stay of election acted on authority he didn’t have and refused to forward that stay to the justices for review. He’s being investigated as well. But thats just a rumor. Maybe you should do a search for that court docket just to prove to yourself that its all just a rumor.

    • XhNsD8 Real brain power on display. Thanks for that answer!

  14. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon…

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