A Letter To John McCain…


Dear John McCain,

So how does it feel?

The agony of defeat?

That sweet smell of  justice?

Mmm mmm good my friend!!!!

I for one am still in shock.

It’s one thing to want something of this magnitude to happen, but when it does, it can be a bit overwhelming…

I heard your supporters booing last night, and that made me smile.

Nothing like the good ol’ hate train…

That train is never late my friend and this time its a double decker to ensure that your whole base can jump on board.

Now that we are friends, maybe I should be the one to break it to you just how bad you lost…

Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, FLORIDA!!!!!

All lost…

To put it in laymans terms, if this was a best of 7, you got swept!

Now there may be a light at the end of your tunnel.

At least you walk away with your respect and dignity…

Unlike your running mate who walks away from this looking like a puppet on a string.



She’s either going to remain Governor, OR ride her 15 minutes of fame straight to the likes of the Tyra Banks Show.

Honestly, I hope she remains Governor.

 To have to hear “Dontcha’ know” and “You betcha!” everyday could literally drive me to suicide!!!!

The main point of this letter is to let you know that next time, dont second guess yourself man.

Looking back on the irrational moves made by your campaign, you would have been better off picking Romney, sticking to issues of foreign policy, and nixing the last minute desperation negative ad blitz…

Your a small fraction of a percent better than your fellow conservative constituents.

But to a black man born and raised in Brooklyn that shit could save your life!!!!

Cause if I’m rowing a boat in a river and I see you and Giuliani next to a deflated raft, crying for help?

You survive while his little obnoxious, racist, totalitarian ass drowns…no questions asked!!!

Take care my friend, keep the pills away from Cindy…till next time…




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  1. His campaign wasn’t always run with taste and class, but I think last night he showed both taste and class with his defeat speech. Which by the way I thought was better than Obama’s victory speech. Anyway, no use kicking the old man while he’s down, we kicked him enough while he was up.

  2. It’s hard to understand John McCain. The speech he gave last night was what I would expect from the guy I voted for in 2000, but his campaign was run by someone completely different.

    This election I voted for Barack Obama and I am very hopeful for the future direction of the country. Like Obama said, there will be setbacks and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to turn this thing around, but it’s a great day in history.

  3. Yea I’m done…I just had to twist the knife a little…

    He was a man about it…and he knows he got smoked like a Dutch so justice has prevailed…

    I def think he did a great job with the speech, but he had no choice, this is his legacy…

    You never want to go out looking like the old bitter white guy who lost to the black guy for the first time EVER…

    I def dont hate the guy, but Palin???

    What a floozy!

  4. Way to be a dick to an american hero that went through things you couldn’t imagine while serving this country. Before Obama got a chance to meet his mentor pastor and practice shitting on America, McCain was being tortured so that Obama would have the right to do so. I didn’t vote for mccain or obama but show the man some respect because he deserves it.

  5. Yea because Im soooo sure you would have your panties in a ruffle if Obama lost and we joked around about that…

    McCain is an alright guy but please take his dick out ur mouth…

    American hero?

    GI Joe was an American hero…

    Eat a dick…

  6. I predict that John McCain is going to be the LAST presidental candidate with a military record (a real military record, enlisted, served, wounded etc.) to run for office in our lifetimes. Something like that used to be a prerequisite for office, but not any more.

  7. who ever wrote this letter to John McCain you suck and i wish you a long a pain full death. or maybe a vacation at the hanoi hilton.
    you are a coward and not an american. people like you are why hate was invented.
    you suck!

  8. thelogicalsmoker is a dumb ass.

  9. Wow…now imagine how we feel after 8 years of being unhappy…

    This loser is bitching after ONE day…

    Suck it up pussy

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