Bye Bye Circuit City…

I feel bad, Circuit City will file for bankruptcy today.

I never really shopped there, but this is a sign that by 2009, we are heading towards a world where Walmart will probably be the ONLY store left.

I saw this coming.

Not because I am an economist, but because every time I looked to buy anything electrionic, I would always end up at Best Buy, or on

After losing more than 5 billion in stock market value over the last 2 years, this recent decline in consumer spending was just too much.

Between and Walmart, it was bound to be a truly red Christmas for them…

So why play defense when you can just file Chapter 11 and call it a day…

Well, our heart goes out to you Circuit City

Don’t expect this to be that last major electronic store to tank this year, cause I sure know I’m not buying shit!!

In a true sign of how bad shit has gotten, McDonalds sales have gone up 8.2 percent in the month of October

Hey, when prices rise, the dollar menu is one of the few safe havens for impoverished Americans…

Jeez, what a bad combo though, clogged arteries and slim bank accounts…

My what a tangled web we weave…



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  1. DUDE, I saw that the circuit city near my apt is going under. CHA CHING! I’m getting some mad christmas shopping done early since that store is going to be having the BOMB sale!

  2. Ooooh if that one is going under, lord help us…

    I thought they were starting with the ones in the middle of nowhere not in prime spots in Manhattan…

    We need another stimulus package…this time 2500 each person!!!!

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