Steven Lipski Is Probably Somewhere Listening To R.Kelly Right Now…

It is very rare that someone can make me feel like I, Devonte Smith, has got his shit together.

But when I hear about the above Jersey City Councilman, Steven Lipski, urinating on a group of people at a D.C. nightclub, I cant help but feel like anything less than an upstanding, law abiding citizen.

I gotta say, I’ve never been a big fan of pee.

Like really Steve, that’s the first belligerent act you perform at a Grateful Dead cover band show???

How bout grabbing a titty or getting into a fight…why the need to pee on someone???

You would think this motherfucker was having the time of his life at some obscure Phish show in the middle of nowhere, high off peyote…

But no, Mr.Lipski was just drunk in D.C.

Now here comes the twist folks, while he vows never to indulge in alcohol again, he also will not admit that he pissed on anyone.

In fact, he claims he spilled a drink on the crowd rather than relieving himself on them…


Because cold liquor and warm piss are just oh so similar!!!

We will be sure to keep track of the inevitable admission to the public, complete with tears and AA Meeting signs in the backdrop!



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