Cindy McCain Cheats On John??? Talk About Bad Timing!


Jeez, now even I feel bad for the motherfucker…

Lose an election one week…then find out your wife is sucking some other man off the next…

Now that’s the audacity of hope!!!

I was hesitant to report due to the source, but after our lawyer Sean Warbucks informed me the same National Enquirer was the one to reveal John Edwards’ love child, I figure why the fuck not…

Even if its not entirely true…this at least gives us a heads up that she is a hoe!!!




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  1. Aw…I didn’t vote for McCain, but watching him self distruct is kinda sad.

  2. Whatever. McCain cheated on his first wife — with Cindy. And yet they talk about “defending traditional marriage”. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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