Dear Vanna White, I thought You Might Like to Know That I’d Still Hit It.


Vanna back in the day

Vanna back in the day

You were born in 1957 and by God, you’re still holding up. I don’t know what kind of Countess Elizabeth Báthory shit you’ve got going on, but whatever it is it’s working.  I just got through watching an episode of Wheel of Fortune (on mute) and I’m sure quite sure of two things:

1.  Pat Sajak has maybe one more year before he puts both barrels of a shotgun in his mouth and uses hit big toe to send his pea brains to Mars.


2.  You will be smoking hot until the day you die.




You, my sweet milky goddess are 51 years old.  The picture above doesn’t even do you justice.  Let’s face it baby, your role on the Wheel is strictly for eye candy only.  You don’t even turn the fucking letters anymore!  And you know something?  America could care less, I could care less, and I’m sure your accountant could care less.  Just keep breathing, keep being blonde and keep on keeping on!

– Mike James (your humble servant until age finally catches up with you)

PS – Kudos seducing Al in that episode of Married with Children.

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  1. They sure don’t make em like they used to…

    Girls nowadays look like crack whores by 17…

    I bet Vanna does kegels…

  2. I bet Vanna’s got a snatch as tight as a snare drum in the cold

  3. Sometimes words and imagery mesh to create a vision of beauty…

    That my friend was one of them!!!!

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