At This Point, Consider Our Economy Fucked…

It’s always funny until someone gets hurt.

And right now, we are all hurting.

There are some that will play it off like shit isn’t that bad.

But at this point we can no longer pretend.

I can read.

And according to the article above it is clear that we are not only right smack in the middle of a recession, but this shit aint changing anytime soon.

At this point, ALL of us know someone who has been directly affected by our current economic situation…

I happen to know many people who have had their life altered by this…

While it may seem hard for you to grasp, the only real complaint I have is the focus of the relief.

Rewind back a few months to how happy we were spending that measly $600 bucks Dubya gave us…

I now consider that hush money.

A small little crumb to keep a pack of hungry wolves quiet for the summer.

Now fast forward to where we are now, and what do you know?

When we really need a little bit of help, it seems that all the suits in private jets are the only ones that matter.

I wont say the idea of a bailout is bad.

But, I will say its not fair.

Its almost a reward for the incompetence that lead to all of this in the first place.

While it is clear many of these auto companies need help, I really don’t think they need a handout.

WE need a handout.

First it was inflation, and now its deflation.

First it was an economic downturn, and now its a deep recession.

First it was “This will be over soon, the American public will make it out of this”, and now its “The Fed is anticipating significant further slowing in the economy.”

Where does that leave us?

Broke and bitter…

I’ll tell you what though, I do have faith.

At the end of the day me, Mike James, Jansen Wordsworth, and of course Big Shirley are ready to jump the border in the event shit really does hit the fan.

Mexico or Canada…we can flip a coin and decide at the airport…

A net positive either way…Canada has legal bud in B.C. and Mexico has legal…anything!!! 

Till next time folks…I need to get back to finding things around the office to steal in the event I get layed off next!!!!



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