The Weekend Before Thanksgiving – A Staple For The College Freshman…



What does Thanksgiving mean to a male college freshman?

A much needed break after/before midterms?

A chance to catch up with family members and hometown friends???

To me, it meant the last weekend to take advantage of all the chicks looking for a random dude to bang before they go home for the first or second time since they arrived in August and need a good story to tell…

Thats right.

Somehwere…right now…theres a group of young slores (slut/whore) who are plotting just how wild and dirty they are going to try and make this last weekend if only to make their female peers seem not as cool (aka slutty)…

So listen up gentleman

You have about 3-4 solid nights to plant the bait and attack

This one is a gimme…

Fuck college football

Fuck Halo

And fuck poker night with the guys

Here’s a little friendly brotherly advice

Use the movie line…

When you live in a dorm a DVD can be your best friend

The instant ice-breaker…

Theres nothing more straight to the point than “Hey, you wanna come over and watch a movie?”

A) She KNOWS you want ass, so if she declines you KNOW she doesnt want to fuck! – Why waste anyones time…

B) Its free!!! (minus the drugs and alcohol)

So for you lucky guys out there who still have your youth…take advantage man…take advantage…



D. Smith

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  1. Amen brother! “Why don’t we go watch a flick” is an oldy but goody. And those same slores are the ones that like to go home and rub that last fuck in the faces of thier friends who never left.

  2. this is so stupid
    not reading this blog ever again

  3. Awww

    And you had to take time out of your meaningless little life to write that?

    You loser

    If you watched something on TV and didnt like it, would you e-mail the network as well???


  5. Ahhhh what happened to “This is so stupid…I’m never reading this blog ever again”?

    So now your a loser AND a liar?

    Rough combo…

    Come back soon!!!!!

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