Chivalry Is Dead…So Now What?



Chivalry [shivuhl-ree] – The qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women.

If you were to look up chivalry in the dictionary, the above definiton is what you would find.

If you asked the average woman in today’s world what chivalry meant to her, she might laugh…

That right there is the problem my friends, its not whether or not chivalry is in fact dead, but rather who killed it and how can we as men get it back!!!

To me it seems more evident than ever that most women I come in contact with have this cynical, man hating view of what to expect from ALL man…

I personally don’t like to be lumped into a category with all men, and I think I do a good job of distinguishing the good girls (chicks) from the bad ones (bitches/hoes).

But when it comes time for our female counterparts to spew some venom about one of our fellow brothers, we ALL take the fall!

Its almost as if I, Devonte Smith, has sooooo much power that when your little shitty boyfriend cheats on you, its not just him cheating but ALL men cheating, and I was, of course, the leader of the brigade.

Thats bullshit.

I dont hold nice girls accountable for sluts, so why am I taking the fall for a few bad apples???

This perpetual cycle is not good for either party involved.

I’d love to actually sit down and get a little discussion group going and hash this out – a love tribunal if you will.

2 ladies, 2 dudes, and a few bottles of wine and I’m sure we could uncover this in about an hour.

Consider me the urban Chuck Woolery taking the initial steps necessary to bring women that much closer to men…

To be continued…

Two And Two...Right Back At You!!!

"Two And Two...Right Back At You!!!"




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  1. Do you hear yourself? ALL women stereotype men? That’s a stereotype in itself! You need to get our and meet some decent women. Try somewhere other than a bar.

  2. I didnt say all..I said the ones I seem to come in contact with…

    Pardon me if I offended you though…

    I’ll try to be a little more clear in the follow up…perhaps you can lend a female voice to it as a point of reference

  3. love this mother fucking site! keep up the good work!

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