Now It’s Personal…You Skipskap Scallywags!!!


The typical American that I am…

It’s allll fun and games when European and Scandanavian ships were getting hijacked by our once upon a time pirate friends from Somalia – but now?

Its personal…

I almost feel betrayed

I really felt like we were growing together – learning from one anothers way of life if you will

We shared art…culture…violence…

And this is how you motherfuckers repay me?

Firing eight shots at an American cruise ship!!!

There goes Black Sparrow you ungrateful sons of bitches…

I assure you this will be a messy divorce

How could it not be? I trusted these men and just like that it’s gone…

They are lucky it was just random shots into the night

Cause America isn’t going to play that hijack game – uh uh – not for one second

Try it…I bet you with the blink of an eye me and John McCain appear like Batman and Robin and show em whose really boss…


You guessed it…that move is going to be called Country First




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  1. The Kenyan military is not ordered the Ukrainian arms

    The government and the armed forces of Kenya suddenly made resonant statement, reported the Euro-Atlantic cooperation, that the military cargo seized by pirates «Faina» is not intended for their country.
    The U.S. has already demanded a formal explanation of Kiev, in whose hands really should have hit the Ukrainian weapons. Why Kenyan leadership has otkrestilos of our tanks, was whether the seizure «Faina» accident and that will tell about this «Ukrspetsexport»?

    Rumors that the Ukrainian side to a dry cargo ship «Faina» in the military port of Nikolayev «Oktyabrsky» tanks were loaded with old-fashioned, have not been confirmed. The exception is unless the testimony of one of the pirates, who in a telephone conversation confirmed that the technology really is not new. However, Adviser to the Government of Kenya Alfred Mutua clarified the situation. According to him, preparing a response to a request from the U.S. State Department, Kenyan leadership «previously had a few things clarified about the cargo« Faina », identifying a number of unknown points on the modalities for the implementation of this ill-fated deal». In particular, Mr. Mutua said, that in the «Faina» officially been loaded 33 refurbished T-72M1 and T-72M1K (ie not the old iron, and adapted for the modern battlefield vehicles. – Notes. Avt.). In addition, the vessel is listed more than 1000 tons of small arms, 150 grenade launchers «RPG-7», six anti-aircraft installations «ZU-23», the six systems of salvo fire «City», air defense system Missile-launchers, missiles, ammunition and other weapons.
    Alfred Mutua explained that previously the Government of Kenya has agreed to accept Ukraine goods that weapons do not fall into the hands of pirates (alternative transit point. – Notes. Avt.). But the leadership of the Kenyan Department of Defense has recommended the Government to immediately abandon this затеи, referring to the fact that «Kenya is unacceptable for such a delivery, because the country does not yet have a procedure for import of arms from Ukraine». Moreover, the defense department of Kenya said that the military never conducted training exercises with the use of Soviet tanks and other weapons, which is on the board «Faina». «These are the weapons in its characteristics incompatible with the technique, which is in the arsenals of Kenya», – quoted the Department of Defense to address the Government of Kenya, Alfred Mutua. «Without a doubt, become apparent that this is the Ukrainian arms are intended for transmission of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement and Army (Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement and Army. – Notes. Avt.), As has already been proven a fact confirmed by video that the three deliveries of the types of tanks and other weaponry Southern Sudan, which had been made earlier, should have been done and now », – summed up the Kenyan government adviser. Thus, the leadership of Kenya actually otkrestilos of his previous statements and positions of official Kiev, that the goods «Faina» was their country.

    In that Ukrainian weapons actually was intended for the People’s Liberation Movement, no doubt, and the current government of Southern Sudan in the face of the official in Khartoum. This same view is shared by President P. Kagame of Rwanda. In his view, if «Faina» was to deliver tanks to Kenya, its armed forces would provide reliable protection vessel in the approach to its own territorial waters and did not allow pirates seize ship with so important for the Kenyan armed forces of the load. «In this case, the conduct of military Kenya if not adequate, it is very suspicious. After all, they did not once proved to be brave and experienced soldiers during peacekeeping operations in Sierra Leone, Yugoslavia, Eritrea, Darfur, Chad, Congo. Where did he go to the combat experience in the case of a Ukrainian vessel «Faina»? »- Asked the President of Rwanda.
    In turn, the belief that Ukraine intends to sell weapons of Southern Sudan, officially announced and adviser 5 th Nathan Christensen U.S. Navy. His statement was strongly perepoloshilo Washington, with the result that U.S. Deputy Secretary of State for African Zhenday Fraser demanded that Ukraine and Kenya, official information about the real addressees of military cargo «Faina».

    However, in view of recent statements, the attitude of the Kenyan military leadership has become in the end is known. It not only ordered the Ukrainian weapons for themselves, but even opposed to the tanks came to the country.If so, you can make a guess who gave the «laying» Somali pirates in our bulk carrier. It is now left to wait a bit to see what this time the defenses put forward by the leaders of the DPP «Ukrspetsexport», the General Directorate MAIs Intelligence, Foreign Intelligence Service and Counterintelligence Security Service.

    Rostyslav DEMCHUK
    Agency For Euro-Atlantic Cooperation(AEAC)


    To approach to the disentanglement of corruption schemes Ukrainian haggler weapon is example of long-suffering «Faina». And then to dramatic and even tragic September morning, when a group of Somali pirates took on board dry cargo ship «Faina» under the flag of Belize. Management MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affaers of Ukraine) headed by V. Ogryzko demonstrated in the moment its full helplessness. Here’s how it is – MFA managed that day. From staff reports Agency Euro-Atlantic Cooperation(AEAC):

    « September 25, 2008, 04:13:07 PM «September 25, 2008, 04:13:07 PM

    Off the coasts KENYA AGAIN glowing Ukrainian ship. This time with weapons on aboard

    At St. Michael’s Square, 1 now dominates great tension. According to the source of the Agency АЕАС, AEAC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) ware in great boiling pot ! Near Kenyan territorial waters Somali pirates seized a Ukrainian vessel Faina, which carried (yet not known where) over 30 (thirty) T-72 tanks and other military armored vehicles. Therefore, the MFA is now investigating the exact details of the capture vessel employees Kenyan Consulate in Kiev, which, of course, and do not have sufficient information also.Thats why such request MFA of Ukraine appealed to their Greek and British colleagues to provide some information, which as it turned out, in turn, would like to know the flight details and itinerary of the ship “Faina”. There again the question of «Ukrspetsexport» and Gur MO (Military intelligence),because they should know where Ukraine destinated its military armored vehicles, “de facto” and in which country issued the certificate final delivery arms “de jure”. It seems that Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry appealed for more seized Ukrainian ship nafarshyrovanoho tanks and other military equipment on board is not at.Agency also not clear why the Ukrainian vessel with Ukrainian seamen and Russian weapon was under the flag of Belize?
    In case a number of Ukrainian crew members on board the vessel taken by African pirates.
    «Agency AEAC»

    « September 26, 2008, 05:00:19 AM «September 26, 2008, 05:00:19 AM


    According to reports from AEAC appeared some details of the capture of the Ukrainian vessel Faina and for members of his crew. Faina to the ship when it was near the territorial waters of Kenya ware surrounded by three boats with armed militants who seized the Ukrainian ship into exile with his team. On board of Ships 17 Ukrainians, 3 Russian citizens and one latvian.
    The vessel “FAINA” goes under the flag of Belize. Coo-broker of the vessel is an international company TOMEX TOMEX TEAM . TEAM.

    « Agency AEAC »

    More search and styny went a bit easier. It appears that «Faina , have very rich and juicy biography. Ship «Faina», class ro-ro was built 31 years ago, in 1978 in Sweden. It goes under the flag of Belize. WAT Е RLUX Owner – Panamanian company WAT E RLUX AG, on the balance of shipping WATERLUX AG company just … only one vessel, which is called FAINA. By this ship called: MARABOU , VALLMO , MATINA , LOVERVAL . MARABOU, VALLMO, MATINA, LOVERVAL. During its time, the ship managed urge on the oceans under the flags of Panama, Lyukseburhu, Belgium, Sweden. Finally on flagshtok ship waves the flag of Belize. During the 31-year of been in sea the vessel managed to change at least six owners, the last of which – Israeli citizen Vadim Alperin.

    Hence! Now the ship FAINA is registered in the company WATERLUX AG in Panama, which has shared the phone with company TOMEX in Odessa. TOMEX involved in the formation of the crew for «Faina». Kommertialoperator «Fayiny» is the other company – KAALBYE SHIPPING UKRAINE, founder of which is the Deputy minster of Transport of Ukraine Igor Urbanskyy. But moste interesting in this story is that the state enterprise «Ukrspetsexport», which specializes in the export of weapons from Ukraine, mostly in «hot spots» world is under the command of Councel of Security and Deffence of Ukraine NSDC, Ministry of Defense, the Department of intelligence in Ministry of Defense in particular is under control SBU (State Security of Ukraine) freights the vessel to transport huge quantities of weapons in Africa through a strange and mysterious Company mediator Carvel Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd , which is registered in … India. Ye-Ye – in India : 1St Floor, Lakshmi House,Kpk Menon Road, Willingdon Island,, Kochi City: Yes, even in India. Here Address: 1St Floor, Lakshmi House, Kpk Menon Road, Willingdon Island,, Kochi City: Kochi Kochi Pincode: 682003 State: Kerala Country: Pincode: 682003 State: Kerala Country: India India Phone No: 2669338/39/3017166 Fax No: 2669341. Phone No: 2669338/39/3017166 Fax No: 2669341.

    Why was done is so special, and suspect and complicated scheme to freight ship with such an important and valuable cargo. Certainly a valuable and dangerous. If Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov estimates the cost of the weapons in 8 -t million dollars, and this: 33 modified T-72 tanks, 7 BTR-m-s, 6-up settings roket fire «Grad», anti-aircraft units, grenade launchers, small arms, machine technical assistance, hundreds of tons of shells for tanks and ammunition for the rifles, the Western experts estimate that at least the cargo costs 120-150 million dollars … the U.S. military intelligence claims that contraband goods that transit through Kenya en route in Southern Sudan, bypassing the UN embargo. Again i want to stress 5 th U.S. Navy is said officially. If this slander, the president of Ukraine musyv would require denial of the United States through international courts. Why does not he? This is not all. Continuation will!

    Rostislav Demchuk,

    Agency for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation (AEAC)

  3. Rostyslav Demchuk 2009.02.24
    Source: Agency AEAS based on international press

    ABC lessen for the Chief Ukrainian intelligence N. Malomuzh and the Chief of military intelligence of Ukraine V. Gvozd

    Adamant approval of representatives of the Ukrainian security services that carried dry cargo “Faina” weapons intended for Kenya and not in a third country inforsed us to educate the Ukrainian special forces, and to prove the chief of foreign intelligence officers masters N. Malomuzh and chief Military Intelligence of MOD B. Gvozd that deceive the Ukrainian people they will belive to it would be not succeed. And if they sincerely believe that the weapons located at the “Faina”, delivered in Kenya and not in a third country, and was not smuggling, it will hold special services for our small campaign against illiteracy.

    First of all talk about U.S. financial aid program for Kenya, procurement of American weapons, which is called the Foreign Military Financing (FMF).

    We will start with historical background about the arms of Kenya.

    In addition we wil underline the iportence of the port of Mombassa. Kenya was a good springboard for the control of oil regions of Sudan to the south-eastern direction.

    Through the financial assistance program for the purchase of American allies weapons Foreign Military Financing (FMF) Pentagon supplied armored vehicles, combat and transport aircraft and helicopters, patrol boats, a variety of small arms and ammunition. Despite the reduction in military aid since the end of the cold war, Kenya has been able to continue to scale by the standards of the countries of Central Africa, the purchase of American weapons in the program of Foreign Military Financing ( FMF).

    Thus, unlike the neighbors, it relies on the new western designs, rather than the surplus military equipment of Soviet-made from the former Warsaw Pact. But, gentlemen Malomuzh and Gvozd, you should know a very important and interesting fact, that one of the key points of Foreign Military Financing (FMF) is a ban on Kenya’s arms purchases from other countries without special permission from the U.S.. (!!!)

    This item has strictly carried out by Kenya. Every time an official Nairobi to purchase weapons for the U.S. turned to the necessary permissions, such as when buying from Jordan supported by 15 F-5 fighter aircraft, two aircraft from South African and Spanish reconnaissance patrol cars. Note one more important detail that the information on plans to purchase weapons is completely open and print the press releases the Government of Kenya, and is published in official publications. Indeed, for the purchase of weapons used by some budget money, but also credits from the United States.

    In the case of the “Faina” information on request for Nairobi on the purchase of Ukrainian weapons in the documents of the Government of Kenya has not been, that gives an absolute assurance that that Kenya and not going to buy anything from Ukraine itself. In addition, the unexpected death of master willy-nilly forced to think – he was the only person in the crew, who could know, even a particle of truth about the true consignee.

    But even if we do not take into account the existence of Foreign Military Financing FMF, then the actual content of the load points at its absolute needlessness Kenya. At «Faina» were 33 T-72 tank, shet missile launchers “Grad”, grenade launchers, anti-aircraft guns and ammunition. Tanks and American-made anti-aircraft complexes, the Supreme Council of Kenya, more than enough to maintain it, and large-scale hostilities (dramatically adding to this arsenal), apparently none is going. Moreover, it would be a full slate, with spare parts and ammunition for many years to come to some types of weapons, move to the other. For all its neighbors – Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Sudan in Nairobi, there is no territorial or other disputes, the slightest threat to their side has never been. And to quell the internal strife of upgraded T-72, set the volley of fire “Grad”, grenade launchers and anti-aircraft complexes is clearly not needed.

    Do you agree with that, gentlemen Malomuzh Nicholas and Victor Gvozd and other mangers of Ukrainian intelligence services?

    Rostyslav Demchuk

    Agency For Euro-Atlanic Cooperation(AEAC)

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