The Fleshlight – A True Sign Of Mankind Settling…

This is what we get?

Some rubber tube with fake pussy lips on the end?

I wouldn’t feel cheated if women weren’t given 100 different types of vibrators and dildos – different sizes and colors and shit.

But somehow…someway…we as men have stood back and let them have all the fun in the world of sex toys…

We have come up with state of the art lawn mowers and barbecues and all sorts of other Tim The Tool Man Taylor-esque stuff to facilitate with day to day manly duties.

But we leave masturbating out?

This seems like settling…

I mean I was all for a Fleshlight until I thought about the one thing no one discusses when they bring it up…the clean up…

Sure its all fun when your cranking that shit like its your job but good look rinsing that motherfucker out in the sink you brush your teeth or wash your dishes in…

Yea…my sentiments exactly…

So we here at And This Is My America have decided to use this economic downturn to modify the technological and economical advancements in sex dolls.

You make think its lame but if you could get a Real Doll for $32.99 every man in America would buy one!!!!

Everyone in America x $32.99….

You do the math guys, you do the math



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  1. I do not have one, but I have read you just flip it inside out to clean it out. That doesn’t sound so horrible…

    • Your right…it doesn’t sound horrible in theory…until you have just “turned it inside out about” 10-15 times hahaha and now you have caked up cum residue inside that motherfucker…


  2. “Also, it has to be all about job creation.”

    Somebody’s gotta clean those things out.

    What I’m picturing is a fleet of discreetly-decorated Geeksquad-esque vehicles roaming the streets who, for a nominal fee, will rinse the willy-goo out of your Pocket Pulsatron™ at your office or residence. Maybe we can get the sperm bank people in on this in some sort of cooperative crossover deal.

    Just a thought.

  3. They are surprisingly well made and easy to clean. The real problem seems to be cleaning up the lube. You can also wear a condom. It would be logical if you didn’t want to clean it up.

    How long has it been since mass-produced dildos have been around? It is about time. I laud their practices and products.

  4. Oh please – anything with a hole is a sex toy for men. Have you not heard of that man who was arrested for fucking the table from his patio-furniture set? And where are the fuck dolls and robots for women? Where is the equally sophisticated female equivalent of the RealTouch? Men can be accused of a lot of things, but “leaving masturbating out” of, well, anything? Don’t make me laugh.

    And you’re complaining about having to wash your fleshlight in the bathroom or kitchen sink? Where the fuck do you think women wash their vibrators? In special dildo-washing sinks?

  5. I just clean them in the shower. It takes 2-4 minutes and is very straight-forward.

  6. A plethora of sex toys are available for men, just google Tenga…

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