Fuck “Bromance”, Lets Advocate For A Token Black Guy On “The Hills” Next Season…

Let Us On Or Else!!!!!

Let Us On Or Else!!!!!

You know what?

Fuck MTV

This was supposed to be a “Bromance is the corniest shit I have ever seen on my television” post, as I was just recently exposed to that trash for all of about 10 minutes…

See the thing is, I’m not even hatin’ on Brody…

I’m mad that me, Mike James, and Jansen Wordsworth can’t get a 30 minute slot right after that motherfucker!!!!

Before this comes off as your typical run of the mill rant, allow me to elaborate…

Between Bromance and that bullshit Paris Hilton show, I’m Super Rich, So Find Me A Best Friend, it is clear MTV has just adopted the “fuck it” attitude…

I cant say I blame em…if it aint broke…don’t fix it I suppose…

I mean, we, and we is used in the broadest sense of the word, are the enablers in this equation…

If no one watched, this shit wouldn’t stand a chance…

But reality TV (aka train wreck TV, even the haters have to tune in sometimes) has this incredible ability to captivate us for long enough to sell ad space at light speeds without leaving us with feelings of complete self hatred.

In fact, most reality TV shows can do wonders for ones self esteem.

Like, ” OK this ordinary stuff may be bad, but at least I’m not Puck, eating peanut butter with my fingers like a caveman and shit…”

The Real World was one thing…

In the beginning I thought it was great, even though I was 12, and any show with girls in skimpy clothes getting drunk every episode would have been equally intriguing.

But what about the real million dollar question everyone forgets about.

What happened to the music??

We have all come to accept the fact that MTV stopped playing anything directly related to music a decade ago.

But its like they somehow have been given a free pass to keep the name…

If Comedy Central started exclusively playing dramas, I feel like there would be some kind of backlash…

If BET started playing only Hispanic shows, there would be an uproar!!!!

So, while it would be fun (and easy) to sit here and single out Bromance (It is called Bromance…)

Let’s hold the network accountable, and send them a message….

If Bromance makes it on, we make it on!

Cut And This Is My America a check you shameless bastards!!!

P.S. If anyone reading this works for MTV, or is affiliated with them, I would make a great token black guy for The Hills



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  1. Kudos to you! I miss the days when mtv had music. They even got rid of their main music show Total Request Live. And reality tv is completely ridiculous. You are right though, if there weren’t so many idiots and or easily entertained people mtv might change. But until then the train wreck will continue!

  2. I love the fact that you tacked on a job shout out on the end of your post! Keep us posted if they call!

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