An All Time Low – Selling Your Underage Daughter For Beer (and other petty goods)…

I’m not a fan of children

But to me, if I did take that route I would think my child would be worth more than 100 cases of beer and $16,000!!!

Oh, and some meat…meat?

Since when did rib eyes and pork shoulders get thrown into an arranged marriage???

Apparently, there’s more to the story – I have even read there were cases of Gatorade and soda thrown into the dowry as well…



The meat is bad enough but I just can’t see myself sitting there negotiating this shit and being like, “Yeah, on second thought your going to have to throw in a few cases of lemon lime and fruit punch Gatorade…the 20 oz.’s too!”

Well, apparently this class act is in police custody and being charged with human trafficking…

Good luck explaining that one on your next resume buddy!

That might be up there with dog fighting and hate crimes as some of the scummiest things to have to claim on a job application

I mean let’s be real, even murder in certain situations can be more noble than selling your underage daughter for some steaks and soda…sorry folks but that’s just me…

And this is my America…



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  1. I think the “feel good moment” of the newspaper article has to be that he tried to get her back after the payment wasn’t delivered as agreed.

  2. No goats or chickens? What kind of cheesy dowry is it?

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