So Apparently This French Dude Wouldn’t Shut The Fuck Up For 5 Straight Days…


Jeez, shut up already....

…and somehow that’s going to get him into the Guinness Book of World Records


Now, I don’t want to directly hate on this gentleman, Lluis Colet, because he is simply trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

But, I’m just not sure how seriously I can take the worlds longest speech record, when he is talking for 5 straight days.

Simply because at some point, some of those words have to be frivolous.

There is just no way he is talking for one complete work week about pure substance filled rhetoric.

It would be the equivalent of me getting the record for longest movie made, and just filming nonstop for a month about nature.

As if somehow, after the first 30 minutes or so out of the month, that shit wouldn’t get boring!

You guys wouldn’t give me credit for that…

You guys wouldn’t even watch that shit!

But, he apparently discussed Salvador Dali, one of his favorite painters, as well as Catalan language and culture for the entirety of his speech…

Definitely noteworthy topics, but for 5 straight days god damn!

And they are claiming this is straight, so does that mean he was still talking while he was pissing and shitting all week???

Yeah, see…

These are the things we need to validate (that no one wants to ask) before we can truly confirm the authenticity of this record…

Sorry Mr.Colet, we are a group of skeptics here at And This Is My America!!!



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