Let’s Just Take A Moment To Twist The Knife A Little…(The Story Of How Rudy Giuliani Looks Oh So Foolish A Mere 4 Months Later)

Not so long ago

A man

A very foolish man

Got on a stage at the Republican National Convention and got his panties in a ruffle

Once he was done speaking it was clear Rudy Giuliani had earned himself the Player Hater Award of the New Millennium

For those of you lucky enough to miss it, check it out:


See, the reason why you don’t do things like this (besides the fact that it further confirms that you are a tool) when it’s not your campaign at stake, is because you never know what could happen and how foolish you could look a few months down the line for defending a situation you never had control of from the beginning…

Perhaps the funniest part of the whole thing, and also a true testament to just how much of a loser this man is, is during his own paltry little campaign, he never got half as enthusiastic as this!!!

No, instead he just followed that remarkable plan of campaigning in “just Florida…”

But now that there are television cameras, reporters, and an audience, and all of a sudden you’re a comedian?

Nice try pussy…

So, fuck you Rudy, from all of us here at And This Is My America!!

You think Obama’s rise is that of something that can only happen in America?

No, you prancing around the country glorifying, exploiting, and capitalizing off a monumental tragedy is something that can only happen and be accepted in America!!!

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest folks ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. “But now that there are television cameras, reporters, and an audience, and all of a sudden your a comedian?”

    Ehem. Ehem. The word you want to use is ‘you’re’, not ‘your’

    • Oooh good catch madam

      must have missed that shit in the heat of the moment…thanks!

  2. Can we rip on Palin for a while too? The clip of her explaining that being a mayor is “kinda like being a community activist except she had real responsibilities…” Ugh, she is a stupid cow. I seriously wanted to punch her in the throat several times over the course of the campaign. I was glad she didn’t show up in D.C. (or maybe she did but we didn’t have to see her, thank God).

    Idiots like Giuliani and Palin reaffirm repeatedly that Republicans are elitist and hopelessly out of touch with the majority of Americans.

    • Yea I thought about ripping Palin but I feel like if we wait long enough she will probably do something retarded enough to embarrass herself without us having to do anything!!!


  3. Calling him a tool is an insult to all the tools throughout history that have helped mankind achieve what we have.

    But if you look real close at his bald spot, you can see a pee hole.

  4. lol, great entry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Keep your fingers crossed, politics often make no sense. If the Drug (Poppy capital of the world)Lords, The Taliban and Osama and the Mujaheddin pull a Tet Offensive on us all, the Politics will get realigned, Democrats have to fight tidy wars or the left wing will bolt and we’ll be lucky if we get Rudi instead of Palin or worse.You remember 68, Me too fingers crossed and hope (they have so far) know what going on? The tunes in the 60’s were good but too much drama, not again.

  6. Wow, I think that is the first time I have ever heard him not say 911 in a speech! What a remarkably hateful man he is. His little smile of glee when he says something particularly venomous is so repulsive. Thank God he was not elected.

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