Bikini Kill?



For some unfathomable reason the good people down at the ultra posh and always classy establishment known as the Hawaiian Tropic “Tropic Zone”, felt that this latina didn’t have what it takes to serve over-priced watered down margaritas to morons in Times Square.

I, for one, find it appalling that a would-be stripper can’t seem to find decent work in the field of cheeseburger delivery.  If I walked into the Tropic Zone this is exactly the type of broad I would hope to be served by.  Three reasons:

1. She’s obviously for sale (and completely affordable).
2. She’s patriotic.
3. She’s definitely not going to mind your morbid obsession with Usher (look at the picture behind her).

Miss Melody Morales, if I was running the show you’d be elbow deep in chicken wings and bleu cheese sauce at this exact moment.  I’d appoint you head waitress in the truck stop of my heart.  I’d show those bastards at Hawaiian Tropics that Grade A Ass comes in all shapes and sizes, and even though some of them can’t properly pronounce the words “mmm yoo so stoopid”, doesn’t mean they’re going to detract future clientele from your first class institution.

–  Mikey-Mike James
(friend to all races and places)

Published in: on January 28, 2009 at 6:20 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. Patriotic — perhaps to Puerto Rico, because that’s the flag she’s wearin’

  2. I say we hire her to work for us.

    I mean shit, she can serve me a watered down margarita any day of the week in that bikini!!!!

    R.I.P. Big Pun

  3. Being patriotic to Puerto Rico is cool with me, especially since we own that fucking place.

  4. Hell, I’d do her!

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