Slim Pickins: Corner Cutting Season Has Begun – The Story of How That Shitty Franchise Starbucks Is Trying To Save A Buck or Two…

So that’s it?

No more decaf after noon?

See I don’t even drink coffee, but yet I care!

Because it is a symbol folks

This little decaf cutoff is the first sign of corner cutting in 2009

And this shit can (and most likely will) get contagious

What’s next?

No complimentary bread when you go to an Italian restaurant?

No chips and salsa on the table when you go eat Mexican?

No free glass of water at a diner!!!!!

Imagine having to pay for that glass of water at the diner…

That shit would hurt

What kind of world do we live in people?

And you know what, fuck Starbucks!

You would think those bastards are saving enough with all the dimly lit stores they have

Ever notice that shit?

You walk in to dunkin donuts and you can see!!!

You walk into a Starbucks and your not sure if they are selling crack or coffee behind the counter…

I never liked that…turn the fucking lights on scumbags!!!



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  1. If they sold crack at Starbucks, I might actually stop in and make a purchase! WOOT!

  2. You will still actually be able to get decaf after 12 noon, it just will take a few minutes.

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