And You Thought I Was Joking??? – First Starbucks Cuts Corners, Now The U.S. Postal Service Wants To Cut Service Down To 5 Days?!?!?


One day its decaf, the next its your mail…

The way this is going, they may shut school down soon…

Which would just be incredibly scary.

I mean the kids are dumb as shit as it is, we definitely don’t need to exacerbate the situation all together!

So back to my mail

If this somehow does take into effect, I will be pissed!!!

I mean how many times have you been waiting for a check in the mail and it finally came on a Saturday?

(Probably not that many, but for the sake of the argument at least nod in agreement)

How many times have you gotten a Netflix movie or package on a Saturday and been thankful you didn’t have to wait till Monday?

The point is, there has to be another way around this.

We need to revolt!

Because while the thought of cutting school is slightly humorous, the thought of doing that to say the sanitation department, would be terrible.

Imagine, garbage pickup once a week?

Whole city smelling like a dead man’s butthole?

No Thanks!!!



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  1. This comment will undoubtedly provoke a s**tstorm from USPS employees … but I agree.

    Do we really need 6-day-a-week home mail delivery? No way! Anything I get regular-mail can easily wait a day or so, and if I need it fast there’s always the overnight services (yes, alot more expensive, but if you really need it $10 is no hardship.)

    I’ve often said USPS should back down to every-other-day home delivery (but a friend noted they may have storage problems from the waiting-to-be-delivered mail. Still solveable says I.)

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