We Got Your Back Phelps…Tell All The Haters You Just Won A Bunch Of Gold Medals You Can Smoke All The Chronic You Want!!!

Jeez, Let a Brother Get His Smoke On In Peace...

Jeez, Let a Brother Get His Smoke On In Peace...


See this is what I don’t like

Now the world has Michael Phelps feeling like he did something bad

Fuck that!

It’s not bad judgment

It’s bad luck that some idiot took a pic of him hitting the bong just to make a quick buck…

But bad judgment?


If you can go out and swim like a fish for 2 weeks and win a ton of gold medals and break every record in your sport in the fucking Olympics then gosh darn it you should be able to smoke some chronic!


Because why not!

My man Mikey Phelps clearly hasn’t let chronic ruin his motivation (like the rest of us)

So brush them haters off Mike!

And next time your in New York, holla at us over here at And This Is My America

We would love to meet up and smoke a few dutches

No pictures, we promise 😉



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  1. For real, dude probably needs a little something to “mellow” him out! Its not like they caught him in an alley with a dirty needle sticking out of his arm and giving a hand job to a local bum! Not that there is anything wrong with that but it wouldn’t look good on the Wheaties!

  2. a load of medals means any bud smoker can be a success. when Obama legalizes it mike will make bank.

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