He May Be A Scumbag, But Spitzer Is a Real Dude…

The Face Of A Wild Man...

The Face Of A Wild Man...


Most people will read this and be all weird and high all mighty about it.

I read it and liked him more than I did before reading it.

I mean lets really break this down

So Eliot Spitzer likes rough sex…

Don’t we all?

And at $1000 an hour, I would be no hold barred as well (no pun intended)

So just because you sign a gubernatorial oath, you cant be a freak?

Fuck that…

First of all, lets not get into the wild sex I would be having in the White House if I was Obama.

Handcuffing Michelle with White House drapes and shit…

Yall don’t even know the type of outlandish shit that goes through young Devonte’s brain.

Well, maybe now you do…

…Eliot Spitzer for Reelection!



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11 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. This blog sucks big green donkey dicks.

  2. A typical response when you can’t admit that you are a complete scumbag.

    • Look bitch, what else would we give you? Do you think your special or something?
      Your pussy smells just as much as the next one. So please Rita don’t start something you can’t finish. Just walk away while you still have your pride and dignity…

      If losers like you don’t like what your reading here, then that only further confirms we are on top of our game…so eat a dick and stop talking shit you would never say unless you were behind a computer…

      My response had NOTHING to do with “admitting that I am complete scumbag” and EVERYTHING to do with talking to some stupid bitch from the peanut gallery who wanted to add her 2 cents when it wasn’t necessary

      If you have so much shit to talk, next time leave your e-mail and I can continue to make you feel like the worthless little piece of used tampon you know deep down inside you are

      Silly hoe

  3. If I was in a seedy hotel room with Rita she’d be lucky to walk out with her life. Then again Rita is probably a man so the situation would most likely be reversed.

    Also for a $1000 an hour I’d choke a bitch half to death, then have her vacuum up the joint before she took off.

  4. I’m guessing you and Chris Brown hang out a lot. You are worthless and your writing is beyond bad.

    • I know Rita, we suck and we aren’t funny and you don’t like anything we have to say but YET your here commenting every day???

      You are one more comment away from actually being a part of this site…

      One more peep from you and you will be Rita the Furry Mascot….we will get you a costume and put you on payroll and everything because you are OBVIOUSLY a bored bitch who needs attention

      I’ll be waiting for you to slip up

      P.S. Don’t forget to leave us your real e-mail next time, no need to be scared since you have such a big fucking mouth Rita

  5. What the fuck. This blog is hilarious and if you don’t get the humor then go away.

  6. Aw man, why does Rita get to be the mascot?! NO FAIR!

    • Wait till you see her suit though.
      I assure you won’t be jealous!

      Besides your too cool to be our mascot Mrs. Marcos, your about to be our manager!

  7. It’s nice to be reminded that stupidity is running rampant on every level of society. From the top all the way down to Rock Bottom Rita over here.

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