Make It Rain On Em!!! – Somali Pirates Bank $150M In The Past Year…


Truly a stunning figure.

$150M in ransom money in the past year alone.

Whats interesting is up until the summer I didnt even know there was such a thing as a black pirate (I’m black so yes I’m allowed to say that shit) let alont a black Somali pirate!!!

Shit was news to me.

Initially when I read the above article I thought, “That’s it we are definitely making this movie and we are going to call that shit Black Sparrow…”

Then I thought, “Wait, hold up a minute, did that figure just say $150M????”

Like god damn, can you take a brother to the strip club?


I’m over here scouting out recession specials for happy hour later and these motherfuckers are sitting on $150M like they just signed a contract with the Yankees and shit…

Well i’ll tell you one thing, when we start shooting Black Sparrow, they are paying for ALLLL expenses!!!


P.S. Mike, I know your sick of this pirate shit, but a) its our future meal ticket and b) it was between this and Senator Mukasey collapsing yesterday and I dont know I thought anything I could possibly say about that would just leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth…



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