I’m Sick of Hearing This Bullshit About Mickey Rourke’s “Comeback”

before/after (yeeeesh)

before / after (yeeeesh)

That motherfucker never left.  He’s been acting in movies both good and horrible (mostly horrible) since the early 1980’s.  The only thing that makes his performance in The Wrestler a “comeback” is that he might actually win an Academy Award for it instead of a fucking Razzie like his role in Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man.

Since I’m pretty sure 99% of you could give a shit whether Mickey Rourke lives to be a thousand or drops dead of a heroin overdose today, I’m going to be brief. 

They say he’s been on a ten year break.  A TEN YEAR BREAK?!  Are you all nuts?  Am I the only one who remembers these films:

1. Domino – 2005 (*starring)
2. Sin City – 2005 (*starring)

*It’s looking to me like 2005 was his “comeback” year.

3. Man On Fire – 2004
4. Once Upon a Time In Mexico – 2003
5. Spun – 2002
6. Get Carter – 2000
7. Animal Factory – 2000
8. Buffalo 66
9. The Rainmaker
10. Bullet
*I’m not even counting the 30 or so B-Movies he’s acted in over the years as well.  The guy has been in 62 films, 27 of which were in the last ten years.

Now if this is considered being “out of work” then I know a slew of actors and actresses that would love to have his unemployment problems.  I’ve loved Mickey Rourke for years and I continue to enjoy him, AS AN ACTOR.  As a person giving interviews not so much.  I’d rather watch a fresh booger dry on the bathroom wall than listen to him mumble and stutter about his so called trials and tribulations.  His story is neither new nor original, he was young, he was rich, he got fucked up on drugs and ego, then he vanished; Fatty Arbuckle wrote the handbook on that move way back in the 1920’s.

– Mike James

Long Live The Motorcycle Boy

Rumblefish (fan-fucking-tastic movie)
Rumblefish (fan-fucking-tastic movie)
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