A Legend Is Born Folks…

I feel like this motherfucker right here in the chair

I feel like this motherfucker right here in the chair

On this very same day, workers went on strike at the Hoover Dam in 1931.

In 1974 on August 8th, President Richard Nixon announced his resignation.

In 1990, Iraq occupied Kuwait.

And in 2009, on August 8th, a legend has been born folks…

I’m ready to take all this shit right here to that next level.

I, Devonte “Logical” Smith have turned a corner in my life.

Jumped a hurdle.

Gotten the type of monkey off my back that will often times weigh on a man his whole life.

I’m a changed man ladies and gentleman.

True story.

And while I’m sure there are a lot of you out there that could give a fuck, I just thought I would share.

In the past yr, starting right about the time that I came up with the concept for this blog, I have been through a whirlwind of events.

Real life shit, depression, relationship shit, unemployment, and through it all, I am much happier today than I was a year ago when I had so called stability.

In the mere sense that I am no longer at that god forsaken job I used to write so many of the posts for this blog from, my life has experienced a complete 360.

I have a new found desire to step my game up in every facet on a daily basis.

I’m no longer selling myself short and saving shit that could be done today for tomorrow.

Now I know this is on par with the corny shit Tom Cruise did in the beginning of Jerry Maguire that got his overzealous ass fired right after, only for me, its personal.

I’m just really trying to document this moment as a turning point in my young life.

Now, for the purpose of this blog, I am not going to get too Rev Run on everyone and try to change the world and spread my joy.

Mainly because happiness and joy in this day and age are short lived, so I’m riding this shit out before I get too carried away and you guys find me on the Logical Motivational Speaking Tour

Now as far as this wonderful place known as And This Is My America, I wanna do something different with this blog at this point and I hope anyone who is down will stick around for the ride.

I’m about to switch shit up around here.

I will see you guys very soon with what most likely will be some weird and wild shit to think about.

Legendary shit to think about…

– Logical

P.S. If any of you out there tweet, hit me up on Twitter, @LogicalNYC

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