A Love Story

Me (for just a short period of time though)

In 10th grade, there was a Spanish girl with a big butt that I had a crush on.

Unfortrunately for me, there’s not much more to the story.

She was in my math class.

Let’s just call her Virginia.

(Because that’s Spanish…)

I spent a good 2 weeks inching my way closer to her side of the room till we were just sitting next to one another.

Sounds good, right?

Next thing you know, I get the number.

Late night love jonesin’

Aight, this is 10th grade, so more like 9:30pm love jonesin’

Back then I thought I was the man though.

You couldn’t tell me shit!

I would put on my little slow jams and sit next to the radio when I called.

“Hello, is Virginia there?”

“Yeah, hold on a moment”

“Thank you”

“Virginia some strange boy playing Jodeci really loud is on the phone for you.”

Anyway, by the time I find out that my beloved Virginia was a slut in training, this silly broad gets into a physical altercation with 2 other girls outside of school and her parents force her to transfer.

Her homegirl Tanya came up to me days later talkin’ bout, “Oh I talked to Virginia the other day, man she really liked you. Too bad she’s at some totally different school far far away probably sucking some other guy’s…

(I’m paraphrasing here).

And that my friends was the exact moment that I transformed from a regular black 10th grader to a small English child at a soccer game.

And then back to normal, once I was over her.

– Logical (@logicalnyc)

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