The Manifestation Of A Movement

When Its All Said And Done, This Will Be Replaced With The Faces Of Devonte Smith, Mike James, and Jansen Wordsworth. God Bless America...

When It's All Said And Done, This Will Be Replaced With The Faces Of Devonte Smith, Mike James, and Jansen Wordsworth, and possibly Big Shirley. God Bless America...

This is the 100th post of this captivating extravaganza known as And This Is My America.

Call it a quarter life crisis, but Mike James, Jansen Wordsworth and myself, Devonte Smith have essentially decided to stick it to the man with this.

In the first 2 months we have received numerous comments ranging from displays of affection to near death threats.

Before I continue, I would like to thank all of you out there in viewer land for every visit to the site and every comment, good or bad, we dearly appreciate it.

With that said, to those of you who have enjoyed the stories, rants, pictures, videos, and commentary, we will continue to try our best to deliver quality content, while also pushing the boundaries of what society has deemed acceptable versus what we feel should be heard.

A lot of things need to be brought to the forefront.

Shit is bad.

Granted, we have literally made a career out of bitterness, but the border line misanthropy is there amongst the modern youth.

Essentially, this is my America and if tomorrow things were different, we would be writing about the over abundance of job opportunities and the overflowing cash in our bank accounts.

But that aint’ happenin, so your stuck with this reflection of America versus the same dream we were all sold as a child.

Now to the naysayers, you guys are the driving force behind this machine.

Honestly, there is nothing more satisfying than receiving a conservative rant about why John McCain is what this country needs because he believes in country first, not handouts.

Gimme a fucking break, first of all, John McCain is a loser, he is a bad pilot who scumbagged his first wife, so if you want to ride or die with the Straight Talk Express then so be it, but don’t expect us to take you seriously.

Second of all, this is not The New Republic or The Huffington Post, so please take our apparent liberal stance with a grain of salt before you take one blurb overly personal.

Politics is far from the purpose of this blog, but in the midst of an election, it engulfs all of America.

We aren’t anti-conservative, but we are anti-ignorance (cant wait for the rebuttal on that one).

Frankly, we don’t give a shit what you think as long as you keep clicking when we post.

RSS Feed, Bookmark, Homepage it, whatever.

We’re riding this train to the top.

Much to a hater’s dismay, this is actually part of a much bigger plan, that ends with all of us smiling for the camera in front of our stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

So whether you think we are stupid, obnoxious, funny, cynical, smart (yes, some people actually do find us quite intelligent), sexist, or even immature, believe it or not, you have already bought into the movement.