Damn, Give A Motherfucker Some Privacy!

Trifilin Bitch!

Trifillin' Bitch!



One question, why would you do this?

I would like to think that in the event I did do some weird shit to my penis and had to get it checked out at the emergency room, that a picture of my temporarily problematic unit wouldn’t end up on the nurse’s Facebook page…

But I guess that’s just to much to ask for these days, now isn’t it?

These 2 nurses I am referring to from the above article, were fired for taking a picture of a patient who got a sex toy stuck in his rectum, and then putting the pic on Facebook…

Talk about some scandalous shit!

This is the type of shit that signifies a general decline in character.

Once upon a time, certain things were private.

You just wouldn’t do it because you were raised better.

You wouldn’t want to take the chance that if you did get caught your poor mother would turn on the TV and see that her son got fired for taking a picture of a trapped dildo and putting it on the internet…

But nowadays, that shit doesn’t even cross ones mind.

Sad shit man…

Where’s the scruples?

Where’s the class?

All for a few shits and giggles on Facebook…

As Mr. Bomer said, only in America…only in America…



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